How To Get Nigerian Followers On Twitter

This post will show you how you can easily get thousands of Nigerian
twitter followers within days,all you have to do is to practice the following ten steps below. 
Twitter is an online news and social media service where users post and interact with messages.
Messages sent on twitter are called "tweets".

Twitter is headquartered in California,and has more than 25 offices around the world. Users can access twitter via a mobile device app or through twitters website. 

How To Get Nigerian Followers On Twitter 

Perhaps you want to drive more traffic to your blog or you want to make more sales,whatever is the reason,gaining a lot of Nigerian twitter followers doesn't come easy,but if you effectively utilize these following tips,you will begin to see new twitter followers within hours:  

1. Tweet Frequently

This is the first step,you should endeavor to tweet more frequently,when I say you should tweet frequently I meant tweeting interesting,engaging and entertaining posts. 

You can tweet up to 15 - 20 times a day.

2. Retweet Other Tweets

A lot of people complain about followers on twitter,but they do not retweet their followers tweets. 
Make sure that you retweet other interesting tweets of your followers,that way your own tweets will be retweeted often by your  followers and you will gain more followers. 

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3. Write An Interesting Bio

This is one of the hacks of twitter,take your time to construct an interesting bio on your profile,you can also include that you follow back all follows. 

If your a marketer or a blogger you can include a link in your twitter bio too. 
An interesting bio will attract more followers.

4. Profile Picture 

Your profile picture should be one of your best pictures,remember that people are visual on social media,so in other to gain more followers your profile picture should be appealing. 

5. Follow people with similar interest

Infact twitter even suggests people with similar interests that you should follow. 
When you follow these people it's only natural that they will follow back,if however after some days of following them and they don't follow you back,be sure that you unfollow them or remind them to follow back asap.  

6. Reply Tweets

Twitter users tend to follow people that reply tweets immediately,if you reply tweets, other users will notice that your active on twitter and will follow you,make sure that you follow back. 

7. Like Tweets

If you don't want to retweet a tweet that you find interesting,you can as well like the tweet or favorite it. 

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8. Hyperactive 

The number one key of gaining thousands of Nigerian followers on twitter is just by being very active on twitter,being active on twitter basically means tweeting regularly,retweeting,following similar twitter accounts Etc