How To Make Kunu Drink In Nigeria & Health Benefits 

In this post we will take a look at how you can make Kunu Drink in Nigeria along side Kunu's health benefits. 

This drink is very popular among people living in northern Nigeria,the nutritious drink has different names according to the main preparation ingredients for example when Kunu drink is prepared with rice it is called Kunu gyada,while when it is prepared with millet it is called Kunu zaki.
Kunu drink can be prepared from millet, rice, grain, maize or sorghum. 

Kunu drink is very nutritious, according to researchers drinking the Kunu drink while pregnant can be a source of nutrients for the mother and baby. 
Lets quickly take a look at how to make kunu with guinea corn/millet. 

How To Make Kunu In Nigeria 

1. Ingredients 

Assemble the following ingredients: 
  • Millet
  • Water
  • Sweet potato
  • Ginger Cloves
  • Sugar to taste. 

2. The Process Of Making Kunu Drink 
  • (a) Allow the seed to ferment by soaking for about 48 hours. 
  • (b) Ensure that you change the water after every seven hours.
  • (c) Wash the millet seed properly afterward with clean water.
  • (d) Add Ginger, Cloves and Sweet potato.
  • (e) Blend all the Ingredients together until you have a smooth paste.
  • (g) Sieve the entire content inside the blender and allow it to settle for about 7 hours. 
  • (h) After 7 hours you should have a clear fluid above and the thick sediment at the bottom.
  • --
  • (i) Pour off the liquid leaving only the thick sediment.
  • (j) Divide or Split the thick paste into two separate bowls.
  • (k) Add hot boiled water into one part and stir.
  • (l) Go ahead and mix the two separated content back together again and stir. 
  • (m) As you are stirring add water until you have achieved the thickness of choice.
  • (n) Go ahead and sieve the entire content again to remove the chaff.
  • (o) Add sugar to taste,refrigerate and serve chilled.
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3. Health Benefits Of Kunu Drink
  • (a) Kunu drink is an immune system booster that might be suitable for pregnant women. 
  • (b) It can be essential for weight loss or weight gain depending on how it's administered. 
  • --
  • (c) Kunu provides nutrients that help to fight cancer.
  • (d) Kunu lowers the risk of diabetes.
  • (e) Regular drinkers of Kunu have a lower chance of developing hearth diseases.
  • (f) The drink helps to decreases the level of cholesterol in the system,hence lowering the chances of having a stroke. 
  • (g) Kunu prevents rheumatoid arthritis. 
  • (h) The high level of vitamin A in potatoes help with the maintenance of vision.