How To Prepare For A Wedding In Nigeria

Your wedding day should be a memorable one,the truth is that most
of us fantasize about how perfect our wedding day will be,this  however is only possible if you are able to use the limited resources at our disposal to achieve a lot. 

This article contains 10 quick steps on how you can easily prepare for your wedding effortlessly and everything other facts that you should know.

How To Prepare For A Wedding In Nigeria

1. Wedding Checklist

The moment you decide to tie the knot that is when you are expected to start planning,the first step for you to take is to make a pre wedding checklist,this however will enable you to be more organized and also to meticulously estimate your budget. 
Also make sure that you include all your estimated expenses and the specific details that you want in your wedding. 

2. Wedding Planner

A lot of people do not like to use the services of wedding planners because of extra expenses,however if you are financially buoyant, hiring a wedding planner can really save you from a lot of stress,all you have to do is to brief the wedding planner and explain to him\her what you really want at your wedding. 

3. Date 

One of the tips of a successful wedding is picking a date early,most successful weddings usually take a lot of time to plan.

You can start planning your wedding six months early,that way you can be able to get all your acts together,select a date and stick to it,go ahead and print your wedding card which you will start to distribute to your family and friends three or four weeks before your wedding date. 

4. Wedding Location & Venue 

When planning for your wedding you should choose a very conducive location that is decent and quiet affordable.Try to invite less than 200 guests,that way you will make sure that your family and friends that will attend your wedding will be properly taken care of. 

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Make sure that your wedding venue is located inside an indoor arena because of the uncertainty of the weather conditions. 
Get in contact with an interior designer (he/she will decorate the reception hall with your chosen theme color) and also contact a Dj,you would definitely want your favorite songs to be playing as you walk down the aisle.
5. Bridesmaid / Groomsmaid 

Notify your friends that you have chosen to play this role on time,make sure that they give you the assurance that they won't disappoint you by not showing up. 

Also make arrangement for the suite,wedding gown,accessories Etc decide if you would want to hire or buy. 

6. Theme Color 

You and your spouse should decide the theme color of your wedding,you can choose any of your favorite colors,or you can ask your hall decorator/interior decorator to help you choose a pleasant color combination.

7. Catering Services 

You should also seek for the services of photographers,video men,caterers,ushers,security men/bouncers.

Also make arrangement for the services of a Stylist/ Makeup artist.

8. Souvenirs 

Most Nigerians do not joke with souvenirs, in fact that is one of the main reasons wedding receptions are full to the brim. Make sure you buy your branded souvenirs.  

Also don't forget to take some pre-wedding pictures,make sure that you choose a nice location.

9. Book MC

The master of ceremony is a very important part of your wedding,his job is to anchor the reception of your wedding.
Getting the services of a entertaining MC is a very interesting move,in fact a good MC can end up generating enough cash for you from your wedding reception,and entertain your guests at the same time.

10. Check Your List

A few days before your wedding you should cross check your checklist,make calls and be sure that all all your arrangements are still intact,you wouldn't want to be disappointed on your big day.  

Quicky verify the status of the following:
  • Wedding Location
  • Number of guests attending 
  • Photographer/VideoMan
  • Dj/MC
  • Reception Hall Decorator 
  • Sourvenirs for guests
  • Color theme for the day
  • Wedding clothes and accessories 
  • Jewelry Etc 
After doing this,all you have to do then is to wait and hope that everything goes according to plan.