How To Register For IELTS In Nigeria

The International English Language Testing System (IELTS) is a test taken by non native English language speakers.

The IELTS is designed to test your listening, reading and writing ability of the English Language. 

Although the official language in Nigeria is English language,some schools or organizations might request for the IELTS test and result.
This post contains all the information and details about registering the IELTS in Nigeria. 

How To Register For IELTS In Nigeria (Quick Steps)

In other to register for the IELTS in Nigeria,you have to to register through the british council's official website which is ,it's also imperative that you avoid other fraudulent websites claiming to be agents or claiming to have IELTS study materials 

Step 1:

Log on to,you can easily register yourself for the exam online,you don't need any agency or agent. 

Step 2:

You must be up to 16 years before you can take the test,that's the rule,proceed to decide the type of test you want to take,there are two types of IELTS test which is the IELTS Academic and IELTS General Training.
The IELTS Academic is mainly requested by institutions while the IELTS General Training might be requested by organizations Etc

Step 3: 

It's always better to register two months ahead in other to secure a seat at your chosen location and date. 
Simply access the official website of the british council in other to register,you will be required to provide some personal details such as your I.D number,signature,date of birth,photograph,I.D expiry date. 
Also you must upload your international passport  (jpeg, gif and png jpeg format *1600 by 1600 pixels and the file size should be not be more than 1.5MB in size). 

Make sure you complete the registration. 

Step 4:

Walk into any branch of GTBANK,First Bank and Zenith Bank to pay the registration fee of NGN68,000. 

Step 5:

After making payment go to the closest British Council office to submit your documents,and payment receipt,also make inquiries from the British Council office if you have any questions.

Step 6:

After you have completed your registration you will receive an email in your inbox with access codes to the free online course: Road to IELTS.
(don't pay anyone that claim to have IELTS course study e-books online) 

Step 7:

A confirmation email will be sent to you 4-10 days before your test date,this email will contain details such as the start time of your test and the venue address,If you do not receive your confirmation via email, visit the British Council office closest to you immediately. 

You can also contact the IELTS exams services by sending an email  to 

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Step 8:

On the test day,your listening,reading and writing skills will be tested,your listening,reading and writing skills test will be completed on the same day while the speaking test may be offered on the same day, or up to a week before or after your main test day. 

A notification email will be sent to you if your speaking test is on a different day to your main test day.

Also people with special needs such as visual impairments, hearing difficulties and dyslexia should contact the British Council three months in advance before the test date to find out how they can apply for special arrangements. 

  • (a) If you cancel your test session, you will be refunded 75% of the fee, a 25% administrative fee will be charged. 
  • (b) If you cancel less than five weeks before the test,you will not be refunded. 
  • (c) If you transfer your test date, you will be charged an extra 25% of the test fee (Administrative Fee).
  • (d) IELTS results can only be collected on Mondays, Tuesdays and Fridays. Candidates in Port Harcourt can only collect their results on Wednesdays. 
  • (e) The British Council centers can be found in Lagos, Abuja, Port Harcourt, Ibadan and Enugu.