How To Register A New Car In Nigeria + Change Of Ownership 


This article will show you how you can easily register a brand new or a fairly used car in Nigeria using two methods.  

For those that plan to acquire a fairly large used car in Nigeria,this article will also explain to you how you can easily change the ownership of the car. 
It's important that you register your car in Nigeria to avoid unnecessary embarrassment and in the worst case scenario having your car impounded by custom officers. 

How To Register A New Vehicle In Nigeria + Change Of Ownership 

How To Register A New Vehicle In Nigeria (1st Method)

  • Visit the state board of internal revenue/motors licensing authority (STBIR/MLA) to pick up vehicles registration form (allocation of plate number form). 
  • Fill the form carefully and submit it. 
  • Documents necessary include:
  • Allocation of registration number of new vehicle form.
  • Form B.
  • Federal Road Safety Form, FRSC Form.
  • Tax Form.
  • Proof of vehicle ownership.
  • Invoice of purchase.
  • Attestation from the company of purchase.
  • National identity card or Voters card.
  • Valid drivers license.
  • Prove of current residential Address.
  • Passport Photograph

If you shipped your car from overseas,you will be required to present some extra documents such as: 

  • Custom papers (showing that the vehicle has been cleared by customs).
  • Tax identity number.
  • Vehicle duty clarification.
All the filled forms and attached documents will then be forwarded for verification,a verification stamp will indicate that all the documents submitted are genuine.

To officially register your car in Nigeria you are expected to pay the sum of N50,000 (depending on the type of plate your applying for) into the designated bank account specified by the board of internal revenue/motors licensing authority. 

After making the payment you will submit your deposit slip and collect the registration certificate.
It's also imperative that you conduct all the transactions by yourself,do not use any car agent,the car registration process is relatively easy.

After this a plate number will be allocated to you. You will also be given Proof of Ownership Certificate Number, Proof of ownership Certificate and a Vehicle Identification Tag (VIT).

All the original documents you submitted will then be returned to you,at this point you should cross check to make sure that nothing is missing.

Go ahead an buy an insurance policy for your new car. This can be a comprehensive or third party insurance.
And that's all,you can go ahead and drive your car,your registration is now complete. 

How To Register A New Vehicle In Nigeria (2nd Method)

The second method that you can use to register your car is through an online portal:
  • Using an internet enabled device log on and fill form MVA 01, submit the form.
  • After submitting the form an item number will be automatically generated. 
  • Take this number to the SBIR for necessary payment. 
  • You will then be issued the following documents: Vehicle License,Certificate of Road Worthiness,Valid Insurance Certificate and Proof of Ownership Certificate.

You can also verify the genuineness of your car's registration and number plates by checking the Information Verification Portal (IVP).

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Change Of Car Ownership

Before you can use any of the methods listed above to register your car,you have to make sure that you have changed the ownership of the car (if bought from another person). 

Documents/Requirements needed for Change of Ownership (Used car in Nigeria)
  • Allocation of plate number form (Original)
  • Proof of ownership (Original)
  • Means of identification of the buyer
  • One passport photographs of buyer
  • A written and signed letter between both parties stating the details of the car or transfer of ownership.