How To Register A School In Nigeria : Cost & Requirements  

This article will explain to you how you can easily register your school in Nigeria in 4 easy steps.

This article contains the process,requirements and cost of registering a school in Nigeria. 
Are you planning to open a primary,nursery,secondary or any kind of learning center that can be called a school?

If your answer is yes,then you should consider registering the school. 
In Nigeria owning a school is considered to be a full business venture and hence must be registered with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC). 

Now let's take a quick look at how you can easily register your school in Nigeria. 

How To Register A School In Nigeria

Step 1:

Visit the office of the nearest Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC) to register the proposed name for your school. 

Make sure you have two to three other alternative names to be submitted in case the first name you submitted is already taken. 

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Also make sure that you avoid certain words like "national,government,state" Etc unless you have the official government documents to back up these claims.
Step 2:

After submitting your proposed school name,you will be required to check back after two weeks,the names you submitted is subject to availability and reservation.

For each name you submit you will be required to pay N500.
Its imperative that you try to come up with a unique school name.

Step 3:

After the approval of the proposed school name you submitted,you will be issued a registration form which your supposed to fill,also provide details such as: 
  • (a) Your approved school name
  • (b) Business Address
  • (c) Name/Names of school owners
  • (d) Address of business owners
  • (e) Two passport photographs of school owner(s).
  • (e) nature of business (you will indicate that you want to register a school).
After filling the form,submit the form,also note that you are expected to pay the sum of N4000,the process is expected to last for about 2 - 4 weeks. 

Step 4:

Afterwards The Certificate Of Business Name Registration will then be issued to you. 
This is the proof that you are the legal owner of the school and also proof to show that your school is legitimate.