How To Search & Get A Job Fast In Nigeria Without Connection

Are you tired of staying at home everyday doing nothing?
Have you tried all the mumbo jumbo job tips that job websites usually give on how to easily secure a job without success?

Well you are actually not alone,there are millions of unemployed graduates in Nigeria that are desperately seeking for jobs in Nigeria,and yes you must have guessed right,they all try out the same recommendations on job websites.

In this article I will explain to you how you can easily search and secure a job fast in Nigeria without connection,the secret lies on thinking outside the box and trying other methods. 
Listed below are some tips on how you can search and secure a job fast in Nigeria. 

How To Search & Get A Job Fast In Nigeria

1. Company Websites

Over 80 percent of job seekers in Nigeria check different job websites online.

The truth is that millions of other job seekers must have seen the same job listings online and are already sending in their applications.

The probability that you will be selected is also slim,if actually you are interested in securing a job fast in Nigeria what you should do is to write an attractive CV,go online and search for a list of companies that are related to your course study that are most likely to be needing your services. 

After writing down the names and websites of these companies,go ahead and log on to their official website,most companies have career sections in their website page,visit the career section and upload/send your CV. 

You can even send an email to their customer care section unit and inquire if any recruitment is on the way. 

Most of these company/organization do not actually advertise their job openings,so you definitely need to take advantage of these by searching their official websites.

2. Newspapers

Many people do not actually check traditional printed newspapers,but the fact still remains that many companies and organizations still patronize traditional newspapers when they want to announce a job opening. 
In other to secure a job fast in Nigeria,do not write off traditional printed newspapers,make sure that you check for new job adverts on newspapers. 

3. Onsite Job Search

This is another method of securing jobs fast in Nigeria,there are some companies and organizations that might be in need of your expertise and services but do not advertise the  vacancy.

All you have to do is to visit the company address and submit an application letter accompanied with a well written CV. 
Don't be surprised if you are called for an interview by the company later.

4. Recruitment Agencies

Recruitment Agencies offer to bridge the gap between an employer and employee. Some of these agencies even offer different training packages for their clients in other to boost their CV. 

You can contact a job recruitment agencies in your area in other to help you to secure a job fast. Most often all you need to do is to register with these job recruitment agencies,they will help you to secure a job,you don't need to have any connection. 

5. Online Job Websites

There are now a lot of internet job websites that publish new job vacancies on a regular basis. 
You can also subscribe to the job websites email notification services in other to be receiving frequent job listing update in your mail box. 

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6. Search Engines 

You can also make use of search engines such as google to  narrow down your job search to a specific state,or career specialization. 

For example you can narrow down your search by searching ''Graduate Jobs For Microbiologists In Lagos State'' or ''Experienced Jobs For A Chemical Engineer In Abuja.

These are some of the tips that will help you to secure a job fast in Nigeria without connection.