How To Start Commercial Goat Farming In Nigeria

This post will quickly explain and list out facts that you must know before you start up your own commercial goat farming in Nigeria.
After reading this post you should be able to know the different breed of goat in nigeria,goat prices in Nigeria,Etc and all the facts that you should know about commercial goat farming in Nigeria. 

Commercial Goat Farming In Nigeria (30 Quick Facts)

1. A lot of people shy away from commercial goat farming in Nigeria because of the fact that some people see it as a dirty and time consuming business.

2. The demand for goat meat and it's other by product is on the rise because the demand for goat meat is higher than the supply. 

3. Commercial goat meat farming is a multi billion naira business venture in Nigeria

4. Commercial goat business is popular among people living in Northern Nigeria, mostly muslims. 

5. Alot of people prefare goat meat because of it's health benefits such as low cholesterol as compared to beef meat.

6. Goat meat is popular in Nigeria,and the business is quite lucrative,have you visited any joint located in every nook and cranny of Nigeria without seeing ''isi ewu'' and nkwobi boldly written on the menu list,this will show you that a lot of Nigerians like goat meat and a lot of people even prefare goat milk to cow milk. 
7. Some of the popular goat species in Nigeria are the Alpine, Nubian, Nigerian dwarf, LaManchas, Oberhasli, Saanen goat,Spanish, Boer, Kiko, Beetal, Tennessee,Angora, Pygora, Pigmy goats Etc

8. The goat species in Nigeria reared and known for the production of over 4 liters of milk per day are:
Nigerian dwarf, Nubian,LaManchas, Oberhasli and Saanen.

9. The goat species in Nigeria reared and known for the production of good meat is the Angora, Pygora, and Cashmere. 

10. The lifespan of a goat in Nigeria is between 9-17 years.

11. Goats are herbivorous,they feed on grass,branches of trees,shrubs and grain. 

12. The current average price for one goat in Nigeria is from N8,000 to N50,000. 

13. Before starting up commercial goat farming business in Nigeria make sure you have at least 5 goats,goats are herd animals,they produce and thrive  better with company. 

14. Diary breeds of goats are much larger and have the ability to produce up to 8 liters of milk per day.

Species such as Kiko,Spanish,Boer,Beetal,Tennessee. have large body mass.

15. Goat milk is bactericidal,and is the preferred milk for the production of cheese. 

16. Goat wool is also valuable and used in the production of fabrics, carpets Etc

17. Goat Meat Goat meat is also very nutritious,rich in fatty acids with low amount of cholesterol. 
18. To start up the business of commercial goat farming you have to put the following factors in check:
  • (a) Draft a business blueprint.
  • (b) Get the necessary documents 
  • (c) Locate a right spot for the business,an area filled with green pasture will be ideal
  • (d) Buy equipment
  • (e) Establish a reliable source for the purchase of goats. 
  • (f) Adopt modern 21st century commercial goat farming skills and techniques in other to increase your yield and production. 

19. In other to ascertain the health status of any goat to be bought,you should be keen to check the 32 teeth,The goat hair should be smooth without any shreds.

20. Do not buy any goat that is older than 6 years or less than 1 year. 

21. Your goats should be vaccinated against diseases on a regular basis, make inquiries about veterinary certificates and vaccination. 

22. For an individual planning to start commercial goat farming in Nigeria,it is better to buy goats at village markets located in northern states such as Kano, Sokoto, Zamfara and Katsina because of the cheaper price.

23. To comfortably start up a commercial goat farming business in Nigeria you will be needing around N500,000 this is including the cost of buying the goats from northern states,transportation and loading,excluding the cost of setting up a barn,vaccination Etc this amount however can be lower if you plan to start with a fewer number of goats.

24. If you're from other parts of Nigeria,you should consider hiring an agent,or look for someone in that area that will help you during the bidding process. 

25. You will definitely need some space in other to raise your goats,or you can consider constructing a barn. 
26. A fresh source of clean water and a 4ft picket fence around your barn will help to keep the goats in check.

27. Goat barns should be free for dampness,and pests to avoid diseases and infections. 

28. Your goats should be fed with fresh grass, hay, grain and occasionally vitamins, minerals and salt should be added. A daily feed containing protein is often recommended.

29. Goat has an unpleasant smell,so its advised to always keep the goat barn clean,and also to use a disinfectant regularly.

30. You must not have a barn and sophisticated instruments and equipments before you can start up commercial goat business in Nigeria,you can have an agreement with already established goat sellers in your state or area to be supplying them with goats when they run 
out of goats at a much cheaper rate,or you can get a space at the market,buy these goats from northern states,travel back to your state,sell these goats and make your profit. 


Commercial goat farming in Nigeria is currently worth more than 30 billion naira in Nigeria,if you plan to start these business on a large scale then it's advisable that you should consult a Veterinarian,that will help you select the best goat breeds such as the Nigerian dwarf, Pygmy, Nubians, Saanen, Boer or the Maradi breed. 

As explained earlier,you can also start this business with a few goats,work your way up and learn the ropes.