Minerals & Natural Resources Found In 36 States Of Nigeria

Nigeria is one of the richest countries in Africa,it also has the strongest economy in Africa. 

All these is partly because Nigeria is blessed with abundance of minerals and natural resources. 
These post contains the full list of all the minerals and natural resources located in all 36 states of the federal republic of Nigeria and also the use of some of these mineral and natural resources. 

Minerals & Natural Resources Found In 36 States Of Nigeria

Before we proceed,we need to ask this vital question which is what is minerals and natural resources?

Natural resources are basically resources that exist without actions of humankind. Scientifically these resources were deposited through the powerful forces of nature such as gravitational,electrical properties Etc.

Some of the poor countries of the world are poor because they lack minerals and natural resources,in Nigeria however all the 36 states have minerals and natural resources. 

Listed below is the full list of all the 36 states in Nigeria and the natural resources bountiful in that state. 

36 Nigerian States & Natural Resources

1. Abia State
Gold, Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Oil/Gas & Salt

2. FCT Abuja
Cassiterite, Clay, Dolomite, Gold, Lead/Zinc, Marble & Tantalite
3. Adamawa State
Bentonite, Gypsium, Kaolin & Magnesite

4. Akwa Ibom State 
Clay, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Oil/Gas, Salt & Uranium

5. Anambra State
Clay, Glass-Sand, Gypsium, Iron-ore, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Phosphate & Salt

6. Bauchi State
Gold, Cassiterite (tine ore), Columbite, Gypsium, Wolfram, Coal, Limestone, Lignite, Iron-ore & Clay

7. Bayelsa State
Glay, Gypsium, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Maganese, Oil/Gas & Uranium

8. Benue State
Barite, Clay, Coal, Gemstone, Gypsium, Iron-Ore, Lead/Zinc, Limestone, Marble & Salt

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9. Borno State
Bentonite, Clay, Diatomite, Gypsium, Hydro-carbon, Kaolin & Limestone

10. Cross River State
Barite, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Manganese, Oil/Gas, Salt & Uranium

11. Delta State
Clay, Glass-sand, Gypsium, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Lignite, Marble & Oil/Gas

12. Ebonyi State
Gold, Lead/Zinc & Salt

13. Edo State
Bitumen, Clay Dolomite, Phosphate, Glass-sand, Gold, Gypsium,Iron-ore, Lignite, Limestone, Marble & Oil/Gas

14. Ekiti State
Feldspar, Granite, Kaolin, Syenite & Tatium

15. Enugu State
Coal, Lead/Zinc & Limestone
16. Gombe State
Gemstone & Gypsium

17. Imo State
Gypsium, Lead/Zinc, Lignite, Limestone, Marcasite, Oil/Gas, Phosphate & Salt

18. Jigawa State

19. Kaduna State
Amethyst, Aqua Marine, Asbestos, Clay, Flosper, Gemstone, Gold, Graphite, Kaolin, Hyanite, Mica, Rock Crystal, Ruby, Sapphire, Sihnite, Superntinite, Tentalime, Topaz & Tourmaline

20. Kano State
Gassiterite, Copper, Gemstone, Glass-sand, Lead/Zinc, Pyrochinre & Tantalite

21. Katsina State
Kaolin, Marble & Salt

22. Kebbi State

23. Kogi State
Cole, Dolomite, Feldspar, Gypsium, Iron-ore, Kaolin, Marble, Talc & Tantalite

24. Kwara State
Cassiterite, Columbite, Feldspar, Gold, Iron-ore, Marble, Mica & Tantalite


25. Lagos State
Bitumen, Clay & Glass-sand

26. Nasarawa State
Amethyst (Topaz Garnet), Barytex, Barite, Cassirite, Chalcopyrite, Clay, Columbite, Coking Coal, Dolomite/Marble, Feldspar, Galena, Iron-ore, Limstone, Mica, Salt, Sapphire, Talc, Tantalite, Tourmaline Quartz & Zireon

27. Niger State
Gold, Lead/Zinc & Talc

28. Ogun State
Bitumen, Clay, Feldspar, Gemstone, Kaolin, Limestone & Phosphate

29. Ondo State
Bitumen, Clay, Coal, Dimension Stones, Feldspar, Gemstone, Glass-Sand, Granite, Gypsium, Kaolin, Limestone & Oil/Gas

30. Osun State
Columbite, Gold, Granite, Talc, Tantalite & Tourmaline

31. Oyo State
Aqua Marine, Cassiterite, Clay, Dolomite, Gemstone, Gold, Kaolin, Marble, Silimonite, Talc & Tantalite

32. Plateau State
Barite, Bauxite, Betonite, Bismuth, Cassiterite, Clay, Coal, Emeral, Fluoride, Gemstone, Granite, Iron-ore, Kaolin,Lead/Zinc, Marble, Molybdenite, Phrochlore, Salt, Tantalite/Columbite, Tin & Wolfram

33. Rivers State
Clay, Glass-Sand, Lignite, Marble & Oil/Gas

34. Sokoto State
Clay, Flakes, Gold, Granite, Gypsium, Kaolin, Laterite, Limestone, Phosphate, Potash, Silica Sand & Salt
35. Taraba State

36. Yobe State
Soda Ash & Tintomite

37. Zamfara State
Coal, Cotton & Gold

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Profile of Solid Mineral Deposits In Nigeria.

  • Nigeria oil reserves are 23 Billion barrels; the gas reserves are 160 Trillion cubic meters.
  • Over 40 million tonnes deposits of talc have been identified in Niger, Osun, Kogi, Ogun and Kaduna states. 
  • About one billion tonnes of gypsum deposits are spread over many states in Nigeria.Gypsum is an important input for the production of cement. 
  • There are over 3 billion metric tonnes of iron ore in deposits found in Kogi, Enugu and Niger States as well as the Federal Capital Territory. 
  • An estimated 10 million tonnes of lead/zinc veins are spread over eight states of Nigeria . 
  • Over 7.5 million tonnes of baryte have been identified in Taraba and Bauchi States. Large bentonite reserves of 700 million tonnes are available in many states of the federation.
  • Alluvial and primary gold are located in the south-western part of Nigeria.
  • About 42 billion tonnes of bitumen deposits can be found in Nigeria.
  • About 3 billion tonnes of indicated reserves in 17 identified coal fields and over 600 million tonnes of proven coal reserves. 
  • An estimated reserve of 3 billion tonnes of good kaolinitic clay has been identified in many localities in Nigeria.A total reserve of 1.5 million tonnes has been indicated.
  • Precious gemstones such as sapphire, ruby, aquamarine, emerald, tourmaline, topaz, garnet, amethyst; zircon, and flourspar are bountiful in various parts of Plateau, Kaduna and Bauchi states also precious metals such as Barites, Gypsum, Kaolin and Marble.