55 Quick Facts About Lagos State 

If you ask me,I will simply tell you that you have never really been to Africa if you have not been to Lagos State Nigeria.

I travel a lot and have been to several other African countries,but it still couldn't match the feeling I got while in Lagos.
So I decided to find out what really makes this economic power house work? What are the factors and facts that has made Lagos the economic heartbeat of Nigeria? 
Check out the following 55 Quick Facts About Lagos State (Lasgidi). 

55 Quick Facts About Lagos State 

  • 1. The city never sleeps,you can literally walk into a busy Lagos street in the morning by 1 pm and buy food (I actually did that).
  • 2. Lagos is home to one of the largest and busiest airport in Africa called the Murtala Muhammed International Airport.
  • 3. Apart from the official name 'Lagos' people also refer to Lagos as 'Lasgidi' or 'Gidi'. 
  • 4. There are 25 Government and Private Tertiary Institutions in Lagos.
  • 5. Lagos hosted the 18 National Sports Festival  (Eko 2012).
  • 6. Lagos has West Africa’s first Air operated emergency medical service.
  • 7. Lagos State has 24 general hospitals.
  • 8. Lagos hosted the first ever Beach Soccer Nations Cup in Nigeria.
  • 9. Lagos is home to the popular "Eyo" Festival,people from around the world visit Lagos for the festival. 
  • 10. Lagos is the 5th largest economy in Africa.
  • 11. Lagos is expected to be the 3rd largest economy in Africa by 2020.
  • 12. Lagos is the 2nd fastest growing city in Africa and the 7th in the world.
  • 13. There are approximately 25,000 Primary and Secondary Schools in Lagos State.
  • 14. Lagos hosts a City Marathon annually.
  • 15. Lagos is the most populous city in Nigeria. 
  • 16. Lagos consumes more than 60% of the electricity produced in Nigeria.
  • 17. Lagos generates over 75% of its revenue internally.
  • 18. Badagry in Lagos is home to the Slave Trade Museum.
  • 19. The biggest Hotels in Nigeria are located in Lagos.
  • 20. Lagos accounts for 32% of the National GDP.
  • 21. Lagos is the entertainment headquarters of Africa.
  • 22. Lagos hosted the 2nd All African Games in 1973.
  • 23. The Lagos State Freedom Park located in Lagos Island preserves the country’s colonial heritage.
  • 24. The Educate Lagos E-Library Portal is the first in Nigeria.
  • 25. The Tafawa Balewa Square in Lagos hosted Nigeria’s independence in 1960. 
  • 26. Lagos is home to Nigeria's first Polytechnic,The Lagos City Polytechnic which was established in 1990.
  • 27. Lagos State accounts for over 53% of manufacturing employment in Nigeria.
  • 28. The Lagos City Stadium was built in the year 1930.
  • 29. Lagos hosts the One Lagos Fiesta.
  • 30. The fifth post-Beatles album “Band on the Run” by Paul McCartney was recorded in Lagos in 1973.
  • 31. 82% of International Airline departures within West Africa originate from Lagos State. 
  • 32. The first higher educational Institution in Nigeria and the third in Africa, Yaba College of Technology was founded in 1934 in Lagos.
  • 33. Lagos is the smallest but most populous state in Nigeria.
  • 34. Lagos has 2 main Islands – Lagos Island and Victoria Island
  • 35. More than 25 Million people live in Lagos. 
  • 36. Lagos handles 80% of Nigeria’s import traffic.
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  • 37. Lagos is the only city in Nigeria that doesn't sleep. 
  • 38. Lagos is divided into 6 Educational Districts.
  • 39. Lagos State has some of the most beautiful and sandy beaches in Africa.

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  • 40. The 5 terminals and ports in Lagos generates more than 50% of the nation’s port revenue.
  • 41. Lagos State has a helicopter surveillance system.
  • 42. The First Storey Building in Nigeria is in Badagry town and was built in 1845.
  • 43. The longest bridge in Africa the Third Mainland Bridge in located in Lagos State.
  • 44. The first bridge built in Lagos is the Carter Bridge in 1901.
  • 45. Lagos state was created on 27th May, 1967.
  • 46. The original indigenous people of Lagos state were the Awori people.
  • 47. Lagos was the capital of Nigeria from 1914 to 1991. 
  • 48. Lagos was named after the Portuguese word for “Lakes” by Portuguese explorer, Rui De Sequeira in 1472.
  • 49. Lagos is home to the oldest Nigerian hospital which was built in 1893.
  • 50. Lagos operated as a separate colony till it’s merger with former Western Nigeria in 1951.
  • 51. Lagos is also referred to as "Eko" which means "a war camp".
  • 52. Lagos is also referred to as "No Mans Land". 
  • 53. All the ethnic groups in Nigeria are represented in Lagos state.
  • 54. There are about 57 local government areas in Lagos state. 
  • 55. Lagos state slogan is "the center of excellence".