Retirement Age For Various Institutions & Professions In Nigeria

This post contains all the mandatory and current retirement
age for various institutions and professions in Nigeria such as the public service,university lecturers,professors/academic staff of higher institutions,secondary and primary school teachers,judges,judicial staff,Nigerian military officers,medical consultants in Federal medical centers,pilots,aviation workers,NNPC

workers,Nigeria private sector,Nigerian police force,Civil defense corps,Nigerian prisons service (NPS) Etc

The Retirement age in Nigeria is the age at which every Nigerian worker is expected to retire or stop his or her employment and receive all the benefits under a retirement plan. 

For most people they dread this time of their life while a few others actually retire voluntarily even before the stipulated year of retirement. 

The retirement age differs in different institutions and professions in Nigeria,listed below is the current retirement age in Nigeria for Various Institutions and Professions.

Retirement Age For Various Institutions And Professions In Nigeria

1. Retirement Age for Academic Staff of Higher Institutions in Nigeria

The retirement age for academic staff below the rank of professor and non-academic staff is 65 years or 35 years of public service. 

2. Retirement Age for Professors

The retirement age for professors is 70 years,this bill was passed in the Nigerian Senate as an act to harmonise the retirement age of academic staff of universities, polytechnics and 
colleges of education. 

 3. Retirement Age for Secondary and Primary School Teachers

The statutory retirement age for teachers in primary and secondary schools is 60 years.

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4. Retirement Age for Judges in Nigeria  

The retirement age of Supreme Court justices and judges in the lower court is 70 years. This however is irrespective of the number of years worked in the public service. 


5. Retirement Age for Judicial Staff in Nigeria 

The retirement age stipulated for all other judicial staff below the rank of judges and justices is 65 years of age or 35 years of service. 

6. Retirement Age for Medical Consultants in Federal Medical Centres

The retirement age for medical consultants working in federal medical centers all over Nigeria is 60 years or 35 years of public service. This is inclusive of all workers in medical centers.

7. Retirement Age For Nigerian Military Officers 

The current retirement age for Nigerian military officers is 62 years,previously it was 52 years before the HTACOS review.

8. Retirement Age for Medical Consultants in University Teaching Hospitals 

For medical consultants working in University Teaching Hospitals across Nigeria the retirement age is 70 years. 

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9. Retirement Age for Pilots in Nigeria 

The mandated statutory retirement age of pilots in the Nigerian civil service is currently 62 years of age. 

10. Retirement Age for Aviation workers in Nigeria 

Aviation workers on the other hand who are not pilots are to retire at the age 60 years or thirty five years of public service. 
11. Retirement Age For NNPC workers 

The Mandatory retirement age for NNPC workers is 60 years or 35 years in service.This is according to Statutory Corporations Pensionable Officers act. 

Section 1, sub-section 1 of the Act states that "The retiring age limit for all pensionable officers of statutory corporations shall be sixty years". 

12. Retirement Age For Officers In The Nigerian Police Force

The retirement age for officers of the Nigerian Police Force is 60 years. 

 13. Retirement Age For Officers Nigeria Security and Civil Defence Corps The retirement age for a NSCDC officer is 60 years or 35 years of service.

14. Retirement Age In the Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) 

The retirement age for an officer in Nigerian Prisons Service (NPS) is 60 years or 35 years of service. 

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15. Retirement Age In The Nigerian Fire Service 

The compulsory retirement age in the Nigerian Fire Service is 45 years of age or twenty five 
years of service,this is according to Part II, section 2, subsection (a) (i) of the Fire Service Act. 

16. Retirement Age For People In The private sector

The retirement age for Nigerians working in the private sector differs. This is because different organizations have different retirement policies. 

 A company might decide to keep an employee even after 70 years because of his/her wealth of knowledge on the other hand an employee of a company in the private sector might be sacked at anytime or paid off.

However people in the private sector do not receive pension. But according to the federal government,the retirement age in Nigeria is 60 years or thirty five years of service,but most companies in the private sector do not adhere to this.


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