Top 10 Causes Of Corruption In Nigeria

Nigeria is rated as one of the most corrupt countries in the world.
In this article we will quickly take a look at some of the causes of corruption in nigeria,
Solution to corruption in nigeria,consequences of corruption,general causes of corruption,types of corruption and most importantly the solution and how to prevent corruption in Nigeria. 
What are the reasons why the country with the most concentration of black people on earth so corrupt?
Lets check out some of the reasons below: 

Top 10 Causes Of Corruption in Nigeria
1. Poverty

This is one of the main reason why Nigeria is so corrupt,the basic needs of citizens are not readily met, this however will make people to become desperate and engage in corrupt practices.

Also the issue of low standard of living is an area to be addressed as well as poor remuneration and under paid workers. 

2. Attitude Towards Corruption 

In Nigeria the masses now see corruption as a way of life and in some extent has accepted corruption as a Nigerian way. This however has fueled corruption and corrupt practices among the elite rulers and the masses.

The solution to this is for Nigerians to say no to corruption and frown towards any act of corruption.

3. Dilapidated Legal System

The Nigerian legal system is weak and this has provided a conducive breeding ground for different corrupt practices. 

The legal system is corrupt,that is why it has failed to apprehend and punish corrupt government officials.

4. Illiteracy

A country with a high number of educated people will have a lower rate of corruption. High level of Illiteracy is one of the causes of corruption in Nigeria.
Majority of the corrupt people are impoverished and uneducated hence the believe that illegal practices is the way out of poverty. 

5. Greed

Greed is one of the causes of corruption in Nigeria,some politicians amass and launder the money meant for the development of it's citizens. 

A greedy politican perceives the attainment of a political post as a means to acquire wealth to the detriment of the common masses. 
6. Government Policies

Some of the government policies encourage corruption at the highest level,to curb corruption, government should create policies that will encourage transparency. 

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7. Lack Of Information

8. Lackluster Attitude

Some Nigerians have a lackluster attitude and believe that whatever happens in the government will have no direct impact in their lives. 

9. Societal And Moral Values

This also is connected to illiteracy and poverty,a well trained and educated child would probably know about the ills of corruption and also try to avoid it,but when the society is dilapidated,and their are no good schools and teachers to imbibe good morals into the younger ones,they will eventually grow up and see corruption as a norm.  

10. Unpatriotic 


The solution to Corruption in Nigeria is for the masses to reject corruption and demand for accountability from it's leaders. Also the legal system should rid it self of corruption and corrupt practices.