Antelope Farming In Nigeria: Quick Facts You Should Know

There are several untapped and hidden business in Nigeria
that can generate a lot of cash without too much stress or being capital intensive. 
In this article we are going to list some quick facts about Antelope farming in Nigeria and all the information you might need in other to start off. 

Antelope Farming In Nigeria: Quick Facts You Should Know
  • 1. In other to start Antelope farming in Nigeria you need to have a start up capital of about N350k to N500k.
  • 2. You can start off the business of antelope farming with only a pair ie a make and female antelope.
  • 3. Antelopes are reared in a pen or free-range system. 
  • 4. It's advisable to buy the breeding stock of antelopes of about eight to nine months,this way they can start making baby antelopes and you can make your profit.
  • 5. Antelope farming is very lucrative as there are not much people into antelope farming. 
  • 6. Antelope's produce high quality meat and leather. 
  • 7. While compared to other animal species used for meat such as cattle,antelopes are quite cheaper to maintain.
  • 8. Antelopes eat a wider range of grass while cattle are selective of the type of grass they eat,hence making it cheaper to rear. 
  • 9. Antelopes are resistant to to many diseases and infections,infact antelopes are resistant to trypanosomiasis, the disease transmitted by the tsetse fly.
  • 10. Antelopes belong to the family of Bovidae,this species can be found mainly in Africa.
  • 11. Antelopes natural habitat include dry scrubland, savannah and grassland. 
  • 12. Antelopes weigh between eight and 10kg and have a reddish brown head, large eyes and ears, and a soft, brown coat that is grizzled with grey, black and white hair which gives the animal an exotic look. 

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  • 13. Only the male antelope have horns,grassland antelopes tend to form monogamous mating pairs,The female antelope bears one offspring after a gestation period of about five to six months. 
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  • 14. While constructing a pen for the antelopes,make sure that the pen is wide,spacious and warm.
  • 15. Antelopes feed on leaves, buds, shoots, roots, tubers, fruits and a wide variety of grass,however domestic antelopes can be fed withvegetables and pasture, grass, cabbage, carrots, kitchen waste,corn mill waste and locally formulated animal pellets and feed.
  • 16. Antelopes can also be fed with charcoal this helps to sooth their stomach in case of a stomach upset. Antelopes also drink a lot of water.
  • 17. Antelopes are also used for tourism because of some of its unique features.
  • 18. A lot of restaurants serve antelope meals as Nigerians are looking for the delicious and tasty bush meat.
  • 19. The demand for the hide of antelope is high and valuable,making it a very profitable business.
  • 20. Antelope rearing business can be done as a full-time or part-time job.
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  • 21. Antelope skin can be exported to countries such as India, Saudi Arabia, Italy, Spain,China Etc where the are needed for the production of  handbags, shoes Etc Products made from antelope skin are quite expensive.

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  • 21. The Gazelles are a thin specie in the family of antelopes.Gazelles live in Africa and some parts of Asia. 
  • The Gazelles can be identified by their curved, ringed horns, tan or reddish-brown coats and white rumps,most often,there are spots or stripes on their coats,another specie that belong to the Antelope farming is the impala which is a medium sized antelope that is found in eastern and southern Africa. The Impala features a glossy, reddish brown coat.
Before starting and investing in antelope farming business it's imperative that proper investigation are made before starting the business.