Housing Policy In Nigeria: All You Should Know

This article contains some quick information about the housing policy
in Nigeria from 1960 till date,we will quickly analyze the brief history of housing policy in Nigeria,the challenges and the problems of housing policy in Nigeria.

Every Nigerian need a proper house,in fact housing is a very important and basic need of every human being. 

Man cannot survive without shelter,that is why housing is a very important aspect of living but most often it's neglected. 

Housing can be used as one of the best indicators of a person’s standard of living and his/her social status place in the society.  
It should also be noted that when we say housing there are other necessary amenities to make the shelter functional and convenient.

In Nigeria however,there are a lot of problems associated with housing policy and the availability of decent houses,problems such as the actual implementation of the housing policy,inadequate research,inadequate funding,shortage of skilled manpower in the building industry,insufficient infrastructural amenities,ineffective housing finance Etc

Also there is these recent surge in the number of people leaving the rural areas to the urban areas,high rate of urbanization,lack of effective planning on the part of the government,development of shanty towns,availability of dilapidated houses,and also the high cost of building materials.

Out of some of these causes,the major reason why it seems as if the housing condition is getting worse in Nigeria is the problem of rural to urban migration, natural increment in population and also Nigeria's porous borders.

Housing Policy In Nigeria Quick Facts

1. The problem of housing in Nigeria is made worse due to the increment of the cost of land in all Nigerian cities.  

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2. The process for the proper documentation of landed properties is very cumbersome as there are a lot of bottlenecks in the processing of certificate of occupancy (C of O) as well as approval of building plan.

3. Another problem is the inability of the national housing policy to address some of the major housing issues in Nigeria.

4. The national housing policy has also failed to address the quantitative and qualitative housing problem of demand and supply.

5. The housing policy was written to be a tool that will be used in town planning for solving housing problems in Nigeria.The housing policy was derived from laws, regulations and administrative practices that can aid the production and delivery of housing in Nigeria. 

5. The housing policy addressed fundamental issues such as land ownership, housing finance, housing construction and delivery. 

6. The major aim of housing policy is to solve housing problems,in order to achieve this, there is the need to enhance the workability of the policy and also it's necessary that the housing policy should be reviewed in order to make it functional and acceptable.

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7. The housing policy cannot eradicate the problem of homelessness because even in developed countries there are still homeless people,but it should be able to solve most of Nigeria's housing problems. 
8. In Nigeria,At the national level, housing is characterized by abandoned projects,non-implementation of housing policies and neglect of the poor masses.

9. There are still some imperfections in the housing policy which has continued to affect housing delivery in Nigeria.

10. The housing policy is the government's action to provide shelter for her citizens. 

11. The Nigerian housing policy of 1991 failed to provide solution to Nigeria's housing crises,In 2012 Nigeria got her latest national housing policy that promised Nigerians "real mass housing which the citizens of the country has been dreaming of",that also is yet to materialize. 

12. The new Nigerian housng policy aims to provide houses for Nigerians of all financial levels,and promises to make sure that every Nigerian gets a house. 

This is basically the summary of housing policy in Nigeria,currently the federal government has not even initiated the process of building an affordable houses for Nigerians as stated in the new housing policy,Nigerians are definitely waiting for the implementation of these housing policies.