How To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria : 25 Quick Facts You Need To Know 

In this post we will quickly take a look at how anyone
who is a Nigerian citizen and living in Nigeria can migrate and get a job in canada,we will also list all the basic information that you need to know such as canada work permit Etc 

Canada is one of the best countries to live in the world,the country ranks among the top 3 best in the world. 
A lot of Nigerians live and work in Canada,hundreds also travel on a regular basis to the country for various reasons such as tourism,study purposes,and business/working reasons. 

In other not to bore you with the long story,we have decided to list out some of the basic and important facts that you need to know before embarking on this journey,with proper information and knowledge,you are mostly likely to succeed. Now let's get started. 

How To Get A Job In Canada From Nigeria : 25 Quick Facts You Need To Know

  • 1. Canada is a country located in North America,and also the the world's second-largest country by total area. The most practiced religion in canada is Christianity (67.2%). The largest city in Canada is Toronto,while the National capital is Ottawa,other large cities include Montreal, Vancouver, Calgary, Edmonton, Quebec City,Winnipeg and Hamilton.the official languages spoke in Canada is English and French. 
  • 2. Canadia's Immigration policy has made it one of the world's most ethnically diverse and multicultural nations. 
  • 3. The Canadian economy is the eleventh largest in the world,it's economy relies mainly on natural resources and well developed and efficient international trade networks. 
  • 4. One of Canada's biggest trading partner, the U.S has had has a big impact on its economy and culture.
  • 5. Canada has the tenth highest nominal per capita income globally as well as the tenth highest ranking in the Human Development Index. It ranks among the highest developed countries in the world. 
  • 6. Canada operates a federal parliamentary democracy and a constitutional monarchy, with Queen Elizabeth II of the United Kingdom as its head of state.
  • 7. Nigerians willing to travel to America should be weary of travel agents,that usually use the method of securing a tourist visa and other types of visa with the promise of visa extension,a lot of Nigerians has been defrauded through these means. 
  • 8. Canada has one of the world's largest economy and it's rapidly expanding,the Canadian labour market is one that has a lot of opportunities for job seekers. 
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  • 9. There are basically two methods of securing a legal work in Canada,the first method is through securing a job through any of the Canadian job websites and having your employer help you with securing a visa while the second method is through a Canadian government program called Express Entry. 
  • 10.Nigerians with the intention of working in Canada should kick start their ambition by checking out and trying to secure a job online in Canada via any of Canada's job websites such as,,,,

  • 11. A lot of Nigerians has traveled to Canada through the Canadian Express Entry,which is a platform created by the Canadian government to recruit some of the most skilled workers in the world. Express Entry is also used to manage applications for permanent residence under The Federal Skilled Worker Program,The Federal Skilled Trades Program and The Canadian Experience Class which are federal economic immigration programs. 
  • 12. You do not need an special agent to help you in your ambition to live and work in Canada,in other to enroll into one of Canada's employment programs log on to and provide information about you and your career such as Nationality, Skills,Work Experience, Language ability, Education Etc you will be receiving emails from Express Entry,make sure that you keep on checking your inbox. 

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  • 13. Nigerians and other nationalities who meet the criteria for one of the federal immigration programs will be accepted into a pool of candidates.The highest-ranking candidates in the Express Entry pool will be invited to apply for permanent residence.
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  • Make sure you furnish your profile with all the necessary details,because candidates will be ranked against others in the pool using a point-based system called the Comprehensive Ranking System where points are awarded based on the information you provided in your profile.
  • 14. After you have been selected,you will be given 60 days to submit an online application for permanent residence.If after 12 months and you do not get an invitation to apply for a permanent residence,then you should submit a new profile. 
  • 15. If you are lucky to get an invitation to apply,your employer will help to do most of the process for you. 
  • 16. This is one of the surest and legal means to secure a well paid job in Canada,others can also try out the other method which is applying for jobs through different Canadian job websites. 
  • 17. This process has enabled a lot of professionals and foreigners to migrate to canada,professionals are expected to provide the immigration services with a full package of documents. 
  • 18. Successful candidates will be given an immigrant visa.
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  • 19. The good thing about Express Entry is that everyone can apply from Students to Businessman,professionals Etc
  • 20. One of the criteria for employment in Canada is experience in the specialty, education, good command of English and French,and also good recommendation from current employers.
  • 21. Successful applicants on arrival in Canada will be give an approved work permit which regulates working conditions in Canada and other details such permitted work hours,the location of the employer Etc
  • 22. Some of the most wanted professionals in Canada are farmers, builders, welders, truck drivers, fast food restaurants and meat processing plants workers, engineers, cleaners, babysitters and also young fresh graduates.

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  • 23. Some workers in Canada earn more than $4500 a month,depending on the work and location. 
  • 24. Nigerians can log on to for more information. 
  • 25. Disregard any information by an agency or any travel company in Nigeria that is promising a job and a decent housing for a fee,it's probably a fake job offer. 
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