How To Make A Nigerian Stew At Home 

Nigerian's have a unique way or method of preparing their own food,in this post we shall take a look at how you can easily prepare a Nigerian stew at home. 

You can use this method to cook your Nigerian beef stew,fish stew Etc

How To Make A Nigerian Stew At Home

How To Make A Nigerian Stew With Tomatoes At Home

  • Tomato Paste (After blending)
  • Vegetable oil
  • 2 seasoning cubes
  • 3 bulbs of onions
  • --
  • Meat (chicken, beef, goat meat or turkey)
  • Spices (curry, nutmeg, thyme)
  • Salt (to taste)
  • Pepper (to taste)

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  • (a) Wash the Tomatoes and the meat that you would want to prepare your stew with. 
  • (b) Cut and cook the meat with about half table spoons of the spices. 
  • (c) Using your blender,blend the tomatoes to a very smooth plum with one bulb of onion.
  • (d) Put your dry cooking pot on fire and add vegetable oil.
  • (e) As the vegetable oil heats up for about 2 minutes,go ahead and slice in the second bulb of onion.
  • (f) Add the blended tomatoes and let it fry for about six to seven minutes until there is no more water and no sour taste.
  • --
  • (g) Pour in the cooked meat with the water and stir consistently,you can also taste to know if your tomato stew is properly spiced.
  • (h) Add pepper and salt to taste.
  • (i) Go ahead and add the seasoning cubes,leave for about 5 minutes and your tomato stew will be ready. 

You can serve your Nigerian tomato stew with white yam,rice,baby potatoes Etc