How To Prepare Nigerian Pepper Soup

In this post we will quickly look at how you can easily prepare a delicious Nigerian pepper soup.
The Peppersoup is a dish that originated from West Africa.

There are different types of pepper soup such as cat fish pepper soup,pepper soup with intestine,chicken pepper soup,goat meat pepper soup,cow foot pepper soup,the assorted beef pepper soup Etc. 

How To Prepare Nigerian Pepper Soup

Ingredients for Pepper Soup
  • 1kg Chicken or Cow Foot or Assorted Beef
  • 4 seeds Ehu or Ariwo or Calabash Nutmeg
  • Chilli Pepper
  • 3 stock cubes
  • 1 teaspoon of Thyme (for chicken pepper soup)
  • Ehu seeds
  • 2 teaspoons crushed Dry Uziza (optional)
  • 2 medium sized onions
  • Salt
  • Chopping Board
  • Spatula
  • Spice grinder
  • Knives

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How To Prepare The Nigerian Pepper Soup

  • (a) Depending on the type of pepper soup you intend to cook,you will need to have to provide the meat,if you intend to prepare Chicken pepper Soup, you should use the different parts of the chicken,If you want to prepare Assorted Beef Pepper Soup then you should buy different parts of beef such as shaki, round-about, liver,kidney Etc,for Cow Foot Pepper Soup,you should buy the cow foot and chop it into pieces,whatever type of meat that you intend to use and prepare your pepper soup,just make sure that you wash it properly and cut into pieces.
  • (b) Roast the Ehu seeds by stirring constantly,carefully observe it till it gets done,how to know when the ehu seed is done,if you check and see that the membrane comes off easily,then the Ehu is done.
  • (c) carefully peel off the membrane from all the Ehu seeds and grind with a dry mill. Go ahead and cut the onions into tiny pieces.Break the dry uziza leaf with your fingers into tiny pieces.
  • (d) You should also know that you can use this same process for the preparation of Chicken Pepper Soup,Goat Meat Pepper Soup, Cow Foot Pepper Soup or Assorted Beef Pepper Soup Etc all you have to do is to make available the type of meat you prefer,but for this article we will use chicken as our chosen meat. 
  • --
  • (e) Cut the pieces of chicken and put in a pot,pour enough water to cover the chicken,then add stock cubes, thyme and onions,then cook till done.
  • (f) After a while the water will dry,add more water to the pot. 
  • (g) Go ahead and add the ground Ehu, dry uziza, chilli pepper and salt,make sure to taste the delicacy that you are preparing in other to know when not to add too much pepper.
  • (h) Cover your pot and leave to boil for 5 minutes,afterwards your pepper soup will be ready. 
  • (i) Serve your pepper soup while it's still hot,in Nigeria, you can eat pepper soup with Agidi, White Rice or even Boiled Yam and a chilled cold drink. 

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  • (a) When cooking the pepper soup any part of the meat that is tough should be cooked separately before being added with the rest,tough meat parts such as shaki or cow foot should be cooked separately or be softened using a pressure cooker,this will save you time,gas and electricity.