Nigerian Army: Recruitment,Form,Portal

The Nigerian Army is part of the Nigerian defense force and one of the best military force in Africa. 

Every year the Nigerian Army offer opportunities for young Nigerians to enlist into the Nigerian Army.

This post contains information about the Nigerian Army yearly recruitment,form and portal. 

Nigerian Army: Recruitment,Form,Portal

Q: Nigerian Army Recruitment?

In other to enlist into the Nigerian Army,there are steps to be taken,interested individuals are expected to fill the recruitment form from the Nigerian Army recruitment portal or 
website,usually the form is available when an individual creates an account on the e-portal with a PIN from an e-Voucher purchased from the portal or a PIN from a paper voucher bought from a specific designated bank.

After which,the individual will be expected to print out the form from the portal,also a guarantor’s form is also available on the portal. 

Q: Nigerian Army Recruitment Portal?

Currently the Nigerian Army has a recruitment portal,interested individuals can access the website.

Every information and application guildline can be found on the website.Also information and requirements for tradesmen and non-tradesmen, examination centres, zonal screening centers,contacts Etc and more can be found on the website.
Applicants can have access to the recruitment portal by using the registration details such as PIN to log into the website to check results,updates and to follow up the recruitment process.

Q: Nigerian Army Recruitment List & Result?

There are steps that need to be followed at every stage of the recruitment process,also successful candidates and results are always updated on the e-recruitment portal.

Q: Nigerian Army Recruitment Eligibility?

Every year the Nigerian Army come up with their specific eligibility requirements that must be met by prospective 
candidates in other to be able to take part in the recruitment process.

Usually the general recruitment eligibility requirements are that all applicants must be of Nigerian origin by birth,there are also age limits depending on the category, also candidates are expected to be medically, physically and psychologically fit, must also be free of criminal conviction Etc

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Q: Required Documents For Recruitment?

Generally the required documents for recruitment into the Nigerian Army include photocopies of birth certificate or declaration of age, academic or professional certificates, completed and signed guarantor’s form.  

Originals of all the credentials will also be required for sighting.