Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Perfumes For Men In Nigeria

I guess the main reason why your on this page is because you want to find the best cheap budget perfume that will last long without putting a hole in your pocket.

In this post we shall quickly take a look at some of the top 10 cheapest and affordable quality perfumes in Nigeria starting from the cheapest to the costliest.
Also before you buy any perfume you should read what is written on the body of the perfume bottle or container in other not to mistakenly buy a body spray instead of a perfume and vice versa.

Whenever you see "Eau De Parfum" written on the container of any perfume that means it's a perfume while "Eau de Toilette" means body spray and not a perfume.

Let's quickly take a look at some of the top affordable perfumes in Nigeria.

Top 10 Best Cheap Budget Perfumes For Men In Nigeria

1. Smart Collection's

Smart collection's has been around for some time and is one of the cheapest perfumes for men in Nigeria.
A bottle of smart collection's for men costs between ₦ 1,200 - ₦ 3,000 Naira.

2. Element

Another impressive perfume that is quite affordable.
Element perfume is Intensive and sensible, modern and comfortably warm with attractive fragrance.

A bottle of element costs about ₦ 1,499.

3. Joop!

Joop is one of the most popular affordable designer perfume for men in Nigeria. 

The German manufactured perfume comprise of citrus top notes and has fragrances such as orange blossom, mandarin orange, bergamot, and Amalfi lemon emit.
You can buy a 125ml bottle of Joop for ₦ 5,000.

4.  Davidoff Cool Water

Davidoff Cool Water is another masculine and affordable designer perfume for men in Nigeria. Davidoff Cool Water cost around ₦ 6,300.

5. Grey Flannel By Geofrey Beene

Another cheap and affordable designer perfume that last long is Grey Flannel By Geofrey Beene.
Grey Flannel by Geoffrey Beene is a Oriental Woody fragrance for men that costs around ₦ 8,499.

6. Nautica Classic

Nautica Classic is an aromatic/fougere fragrance for men. A bottle of this perfume cost around ₦ 10,000.

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7. Azarro Chrome by Azzarro

One of the most popular perfume collection in Nigeria is Azzaro.

The perfume comes in different fragrance,the Chrome by Azzaro is a classic citrus Aromatic fragrance for men,a lot of men do recommend this perfume because of it's classic smell. 

Depending on the fragrance that you want to buy,a bottle of Azzaro costs about ₦ 11,000 -  ₦ 30,000.

8. 1 Million by Paco Rabanne

1 Million by Paco Rabanne is one of the most popular perfumes in Nigeria. The price of this 
classic perfume has risen,before you can get this perfume for ₦ 10,000 - ₦ 12,000 currently it's being sold for ₦ 22,000.

9.  212 VIP Men - Caro Herrera

212 VIP Men by Carolina Herrera is one of the modern men's fragrance. This designer perfume is being sold for ₦ 22,000.

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10. Givenchy 'Pie' Neo

Pie by Givenchy is a mix of blue raspberry cotton candy and that Windex ammonia smell that is classy and affordable,a bottle of Givenchy 'Pie' is sold for just ₦ 25,000.