Top 10 Best Delivery Services In Lagos

Most times it's a herculean task to pick up or send deliveries in Lagos due to the congestion and heavy traffic. 

If you are always on the move and wouldn't want to waste so much time stuck in traffic, there are a couple of delivery service firms that can help to pick up and deliver you goods or parcels quickly,safely and efficiently.

In this post we shall quickly take a look at some of the best delivery service providers in Lagos state. 

Top 10 Best Delivery Services In Lagos

1. Red Star Express

Red Star Express has been around for quite a long time and definitely rated as one of the best delivery firms in Lagos with fast order processing and a fairly decent price. 

2. Tranex

Tranex is another delivery company that has been around for some years now. Tranex's Lagos delivery time is not bad,moreover it's fees are quite affordable and pocket-friendly.

3. NationWide Delivery

Do you want to receive or send a parcel the same day in Lagos metropolis,then you should check out NationWide Delivery. The firm is also one of the fastest in terms of speed and delivery. 
4. GAL Express

This delivery firm is recommended for those transferring heavy packages within Lagos metropolis. GAL Express offer more discount for those transferring packages,also the delivery time of GAL is relatively fast.

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5. Emporium Delivery

One of the most friendly delivery system in Lagos state is Emporium Delivery. A lot of people give positive comments about the customer care of this delivery firm. There are different services offered such as next day delivery or same day delivery (Express Daily).

6. Tranzit Delivery

Tranzit Delivery like the name implies is one of the best delivery firms in Lagos. The delivery firm also has a very responsive user friendly website for customers. You can have your items delivered to you just within few hours of placing a delivery order. 

7. Ezex Delivery

Ezex Delivery has been around for quite some time,but comparatively they still get the work done with a moderate price, Ezex Delivery is located in Iddo, Lagos. 
8. Neuron Express

Neuron Express is one of the pricey delivery service firms in Lagos,one of the good things about this firm is that you will receive your items very quickly without stories,they also have a good customer service base. 

9. Africa Courier Express

ACE Express is one of the best service delivery firms in Lagos state. The firm has an easy to use and responsive website with parcel tracking functionality. Email:

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10. GidiWide Express

One of the new cats on the block is GidiWide Express,the firm offers prompt delivery services with different service offers including the  short notice delivery. 

The firm is rated as one of the best delivery firms in Lagos. Phone: 09023945844, 08075500391