Top 10 Steps On How To Win A Contract In Nigeria

This post contains quick steps on how a company or an individual can secure a contract in Nigeria.

Most often companies and individuals depend on contracts in other to expand and make more money. 
Individual businessmen and women are always on the scout for both private and government contracts,so as a firm or an individual,there are some practical steps and procedures that will improve the success rate of securing contracts.

Listed below are some of the steps that can help you succeed as a contractor in Nigeria. 

Top 10 Steps On How To Win A Contract In Nigeria

Step One

The first step is to register your company,as we proceed I will list out some of the requirements you need to meet to make sure that your company is properly registered,this will enable you to actively bid for government contracts. 

Before floating your own company I should assume that your already quite savvy in your area of business interest,if your not,then you should consider taking some certification courses and training because contracts are only won by top notch contractors with experience. 

Step Two

The next step for you to take is to build your portfolio,the truth is that most often contract jobs are awarded to solid firms that has proven that they can deliver.

No company or government would want to award a contract to a firm with a shaky history,for example if your company is in competition with a solid company like Julius Berger for a road construction contract,you might not get awarded the contract because of the solid track record of Julius Berger,in essence before looking for a new contract,build up your work experience and history,you can choose to execute small contracts for free or for a very small amount of money. 

Step Three:

If you think that your  well experience with a good portfolio,the next step is to make some in depth research about institutions,organizations or companies both private and federal that might be willing to offer you a contract.
Then go ahead and send requests for proposals (RFPs) to these companies and firms.

Step Four:

Securing a contract in Nigeria is very hard,consider visiting many organizations and make inquiries about future or pending contracts,drop your contact with the procurement department of the company,and if possible request to see the manager and foster a cordial relationship with him/her. 

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Plead with the procurement department to call you whenever there is a new contract to be executed. 

Step Five:

Alternatively you can also search for contract jobs on the internet by visiting some contract websites.

Some of these websites have real time information concerning available contracts in different organizations in Nigeria.

Step Six:

It might also be necessary to drop some documentation about your company when you visit some of these organizations for a contract.

You can drop an information package containing the contracts you have successfully handled in the past,business history, capacity, financial ability,products and services you offer Etc. 

It's also necessary that you visit only the organizations that align with your area of interests,do not visit every company or firm you see.

Step Seven:

Before you start bidding for a contract,you should meticulously prepare your proposal,highlighting awards and different jobs that you have completed in the past without delay.
You can also ask for tips from an insider or anyone working in the procurement department on what to add to your proposal to make it stand out and also what not to add to the proposal. 

Step Eight:

If the organization reach out to you concerning your proposal,then you should know that your two steps away from landing a contract,however you will be expected to face a panel of judges or top ranking managers in the company,usually the top 5 contractors will be invited. 

At this point you have to come with your "A" game in other to convince them that your the man for the contract. 

Answer all their questions and don't forget to always make a reference to some of your excellent and well executed contracts in the past that is harder than this current contract your seeking for,also promise to deliver the project before the given time frame. 

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Step Nine:

Be confident when asked to calculate the bill,present a bill with a decent profit margin while including costs such as labor cost,supplies,equipment Etc do not make the mistake of bidding low,make sure that your bid is moderately high,this will ascertain the fact that you plan to deliver a quality project with a decent price. 

Step Ten:

You will be contacted immediately your awarded the contract,make sure that you gather a team that will execute the contract swiftly within a short period of time,a well executed contract is an advertisement for more contracts for your company and will promote a credible image for your company which you should strive for. 

Also know that before you even start looking for contracts you should make sure that you have Almost all the necessary resources on standby.

Securing a contract with a government firm is where the big money is,although you might be lucky to secure a lucrative contract with one of the private indigenous companies in Nigeria,however any companyy in Nigeria that wish to transact any business with any government organization must meet the following requirements: 

  • Certificate of Company’s Incorporation/Registration with the Corporate Affairs Commission (CAC).
  • Company’s Current Three (3) Years Tax Clearance Certificate.
  • Tax Identification Number.
  • Evidence of National Identification Number Registration with NIMC by Company Directors who are Nigerians.
  • Current PENCOM Compliance Certificate.
  • Company’s Current Three (3) Years Audited Account.
  • Certificate Industrial Training Fund (ITF) Compliance Certificate.
  • Evidence of Successful Conduct of Similar Projects in the Past, not later than five (5) years from date of bidding.
  • Sworn affidavit indicating that Company is not in Receivership nor any of its Directors involved or convicted of any fraudulent activity.
  • Accompanying sworn affidavit of disclosure; to disclose clearly if any of the officers (or related persons) of the National Identity Management Commission or the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP) is a former or present Director of the company.
  • A sworn affidavit that the Company is not a replacement for a hitherto Tax defaulting Company.
  • Original Documents should be available for sighting on demand.
  • Evidence of Financial Capability and Banking Support Current Evidence of Registration on the National Database of Contractors, Consultants and Service Providers of the Bureau for Public Procurement (BPP)

These are the requirements your company must have before applying or handling a contract under the laws of Nigeria.