Top 10 Websites To Buy New & Used Cars In Nigeria

In this post we will quickly take a look at some of the top 10 websites where you can easily buy a brand new car,a foreign used car or a tokunbo car in Nigeria.

These websites have different model and make of cars ranging from Toyota cars, Nissan cars, Acura cars, Audi cars,Opel cars, BMW cars, Hyundai cars, Peugeot cars, Kia cars,Renault cars,Volkswagen cars, Volvo cars,Mazda cars, Honda cars, Mercedes cars (4Matic), Audi Cars, Mitsubishi cars, Chevrolet cars, Chrysler cars, Ford cars, Infiniti cars, Jaguar cars Etc
Lets quickly take a look at some of the car selling top 10 websites in Nigeria today.

Top 10 Websites To Buy New & Used Cars In Nigeria

1. Cheki

Cheki is one of the top car websites in Nigeria.You can easily buy a used car from cheki and you can also sell on cheki.

The website has grown into one of the top online marketplace for cars in Nigeria.
The website works with importers of cars in Nigeria and as a buyer you also get to chose from thousands of both old and new cars in Nigeria.

2. Car45

Cars45 is rated as one of the top online websites in Nigeria where you can buy or sell your car online in Nigeria within 45 minutes on the online platform.

The website aim to make the tedious process of buying or selling a car in Nigeria easy. For people that want to sell their car,all they have to do is to visit the website and follow the 3 easy steps.

The first step is for the seller to input the details of the car on their website,then the car will be evaluated,a quote will be presented to the seller,if the seller is satisfied with the quote,the seller will be instructed to take the car to any of car45 car centers for inspection and purchase of the car within 45 minutes.

3. Affordable Cars

Affordable cars is an online automobile dealer in Nigeria,this website is rated as one of the best online platform where you can buy and sell different types of cars in Nigeria such as Honda,Toyota, Kia, Benz, Pajero,Land Rover,Mitsubishi, Mercedes Benz, Nissan, Infiniti, Ford Etc

Affordable Cars also run an automobile workshop called AutoCare 24/7. This firm also collaborate with several banks that are involved in financing car loans for individuals,apart from regular saloon cars,you can also buy and sell specialized trucks such as ambulance, water tankers, armored trucks, firefighting trucks Etc on Affordable Cars.

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4. Jumia Cars

Jumia is one of the best online shopping stores in Nigeria,the firm has also decided to venture into the business of buying and selling cars by purchasing one of the most popular online car website in Nigeria called Carmudi. 
On Jumia car website you can buy new,used and Tokunbo cars on affordable prices. One of the aim of the website is to connect buyers and sellers of different types of cars in Nigeria.

5. Nairaland Autos

Nairaland is the best online forum in Nigeria that attracts millions of page visitors every day. On Nairaland people can advertise their vehicles for sale and also search for vehicles to buy from brand new cars to tokunbo cars. 

6. OXL Nigeria

On OXL Nigeria you can literally buy and sell anything free of charge. 
OXL is one of the top Nigeria classified ads site or free advertisement site where different buyers and seller  advertise their cars on the site free of charge. 

Old and brand new cars are posted by their owners,interested buyers will contact the seller. However caution should be taken when buying a car from classified ads site.

7. Inspired Autos

When you log on to Inspired Autos,you get to chose from a wide collection of different cars.

The website also offer other services apart from selling brand new car and used cars,they also assist their customers when it comes to ordering a car from America and Canada and also they offer car diagnostics and repair services and sales of vehicle tracking systems as well as customization and upgrade of car kits. 

8. Nigeria Car Mart

Nigeria Car Mart is one of the top and new online cars trading website in Nigeria that attract  thousands of car dealers in Nigeria.

When you log on to the website you will see different types of cars for sale such as new,used cars and also their prices.
You can also narrow down your search by in putting the type,model and location the of car you are searching for on the search box. If the car you are searching for is not available you can also place a request and you will be contacted as soon as possible.

9. Sell Your Car

Sellyourcar is one of Nigeria’s Online Auto Market. 
When you log on to this website you can be able to buy used cars, new cars and vehicle Accessories.

10. Carnot Automart

Carnot Automart is one of the top websites to check out if your are looking for new or used cars for sale in Nigeria. 



Carxus is also an online website where you can find different types of automobiles such as cars, boats, trucks, motorcycle,trailers Etc