Turkey Visa Fees & Requirements For Nigerian Citizens

Turkey is a transcontinental country in Eurasiae. Its capital and largest city is called Ankara. 

Nigerians / Nigerian passport holders with the intention of traveling to Turkeyy are required to obtain a visa from the Embassy/Consulate/High Commission of Turkey in Nigeria. 

Visa Fees & Requirements For Nigerian Passport Holders

Q: Types Of Turkish Visa?
  • Turkish holiday visa.
  • Turkish business.
  • Turkish transit visa.
  • Turkish student visa.
  • Turkish Working Visa.

Q: General Requirements For A Turkish Visa?
  • (a) Valid travel document which must be valid for at least three months longer than the expiry date of the requested visa.
  • (b) Well filled and completed visa application form.
  • (c) 1 passport size photograph of the applicant.
  • (d) Credible supporting documents backing up the reason for visit such as letter of invitation, travel itinerary, round trip ticket, hotel reservation with payment guarantee Etc
  • (e) Visa processing fee.

  • (f) Guarantees regarding means of subsistence.
  • (g) If your applying from a country other than your home country,you will be required to submit a valid residence permit or any document that validates your legal staying in that country.
  • (h) For business visas,an invitation letter from the business counterpart in turkey might be needed.

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Q: How To Apply For A Visa?

  • Log on to www.evisa.gov.tr.
  • Click on "Apply Now".
  • Select the country and the passport or identity card you are using.
  • Type in the displayed letters and/or numbers given. 
  • Click on "Save and Continue".
  • Fill in your intended arrival date and some other details. 
  • Fill in your personal data. All fields are obligatory.
  • Click on the button at the bottom to continue.
  • Click on "Edit" to make a correction,click on "Verify to submit and continue".
  • After the submission,an email will be sent to you for verification purposes,click on the link.
  • Then click on the approve button to verify your email address.

  • --
  • Afterwards a payment page will be displayed.
  • Carefully fill in all the necessary information.
  • Click on "Make Payment".
  • A notification will be sent to you that an e-Visa has been sent to you.
  • Open the email,download the visa in pdf format,go ahead to save and print. 
  • To download the invoice after downloading the visa,click the invoice button.
  • Open the downloaded pdf document and print it out.
  • Check your visa application form,also check for corrections,affix your photograph. Follow the correct specifications of the photos to be up loaded. Attach all supporting documents.
  • Submit at the VFS centre along with the application fees,you can also track the 
  • --
  • progress of our application online,passports are collected from the VFS centre by self or by courier delivery.
Q: How Much Is Turkey Visa Fee In Nigeria?
  • Business Visa – $ 120  >  ₦ 43,000
  • Transit Visa – $ 20 > ₦ 7,000
  • Work Visa – $ 120 > ₦ 43,000
  • Tourist Visa- $ 100 > ₦ 36,000
  • Student Visa – $ 80 > ₦ 28,000