Armenia Visa Requirements & Fees For Nigerian Citizens

This article contains vital information about the Armenian visa
requirements and fees for Nigerian Citizens planning to travel to Armenia. 
Armenia's capital and largest city is called Yerevan. The official language spoken in Armenia is Armenian. 

Nigerians with the intention of traveling to Armenia should note that Armenia does not have an embassy in Nigeria, an 
alternative however is to contact the Armenian Honorary Consulate in Cote d'Ivoire, or The Embassy of the Republic of Armenia in Egypt.

Armenia Visa Fees & Requirements For Nigerian Passport Holders

Q: Types Of Visa?

These are the following types of Armenian Visas: 
  • (a) Visitor visa
  • (b) Official visa
  • (c) Diplomatic visa
  • (d) Transit visa

Q: Armenia Visa Validity Period?

Visitor visa - valid for up to 120 days. A visitor visa may be issued for single or multiple entries up to a year period.
A single entry visitor visa may be issued and valid during the period of validity of the visa,while a multiple entry visitor visa may be issued for the period of one year.
A visitor visa is issued on the purpose of tourism,visiting relatives, business, medical treatment Etc 

A transit visa is valid for 3 days during each stay. 

Q: Armenia General Requirements For Visa For Nigerian Citizens?


  • a) A duely completed visa application form (should be in a in PDF format)
  • b) One passport sized color photograph. 
  • c) A formal invitation letter or document  from an organization or contact person in Armenia,this letter should be written in the correct format. 
  • d) Visa Fees
  • e) All documents might be required to be presented in Latin.

More documents might be required.

Nigerian citizens can only apply for visitor visa with invitation only. 

Armenia Visa Invitation Registration Rules

  • a) The invitation should be written on the company form with the signature and the seal of the director,also the Charter of the company and the copy of the registration certificate should be presented to the state register.
  • b) All data must be in Latin letters. 
  • c) Registration code of the inviting organization must be indicated in the invitation,also the place of visa delivery,the date and as well as the number of visits must be pointed out.
  • d) The visitor’s data will be indicated as well as other essential data in the following order: Passport type,Passport series and number,Passport authority,Date of issue and date of expiry of passport,Citizenship,Telephone,Activity sphere,S*x,Surname,Birthday,Birthplace and Nationality.

Q. Armenia Visa Processing Time?

Visa is processed at diplomatic missions and Armenian Embassies within 3 working days,in some cases it might take a longer period of time.

Q: How Much Is Armenia Visa Fees In Nigerian ₦aira?

  • Visitor Visa (21 days of stay) Non-refundable fee > $6 > ₦ 2,160. 
  • Visitor Visa (120 days of stay) Non-refundable fee > $31 > ₦ 11,160.
  • Multiple Entry Visitor Visa (60 days of stay with 6 months validity) Non-refundable fee > $41 > ₦ 14,800.
  • Multiple Entry Visitor Visa (120 days of stay with one year validity)  Non-refundable fee > $83 > ₦ 30,000.
  • Official Visa > Free.
  • Diplomatic Visa > Free.
  • Single Entry Transit Visa (Non-refundable fee)  > $21 > ₦ 7,500.
  • Multiple Entry Transit Visa (One year validity,Non-refundable fee) > $37 > ₦ 13,500


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