Central Bank Of Nigeria (CBN) Salary Structure & Allowances

In this post we are quickly going to reveal how much CBN pay their staff and also the Allowance that the workers receive. 

The Central Bank of Nigeria popularly called (CBN) is the Central bank and apex monetary authority of Nigeria which was established by the CBN Act of 1958 and commenced operations on July 1, 1959.
The CBN exert overall control and administration of the monetary and financial sector policies of the Federal Government,The central bank also acts as a lender of last resort and adviser to the federal government of Nigeria.

Some of the functions of the CBN include issuing legal tender currency in Nigeria and ensuring monetary and price stability. 

CBN Salary Structure & Allowances For Their Workers

Q: CBN Salary Structure & Allowances?

Most often companies do not reveal the salary structure/ remuneration of their staffs,this however has lead to estimation of what the company pay it's workers.

Entry Level Employees earn lower than other staffs,however the amount of money earned is expected to increase with promotion and experience. 
According to sources CBN gives it's workers attractive allowances and bonuses.

So now let's answer the big question,how much does Central Bank of Nigeria pay its entry level staff?

The current estimated salary earned by CBN workers is ₦120,000 - ₦ 140,000 per month (After Tax)*,depending on the department and unit.  

  • The current minimum wage in Nigeria,applicable from 2011 is ₦18,000 per month,exclusive of all deductions.
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  • Most multinational companies pay according to global standards and are among the highest paying companies in Nigeria. 
  • Figures stated here represent net total amount with tax deductions.
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  • The information on this page is subject to change,figures stated here are only estimates and not 100% accurate.
  • The salary paid to interns and trainees are less than the amount paid to entry level workers. 
  • Low paying companies sometimes bolster their pay with allowances.


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