How To Adopt A Child In Nigeria 2020: Cost Of Adoption,Process & Quick Facts 

In this post we will quickly take a look at how to adopt a child in Nigeria. 

As expected trying to adopt a child in Nigeria can be an expensive and rigorous task,but if your determined to adopt a child in Nigeria,whether your a Nigerian citizen or Nigerian American citizen,the information provided in the article will go a long way to help you understand what your getting yourself into. 
Listed below are some of the quick facts that you should know about adoption in Nigeria. 

How To Adopt In Nigeria Quick Facts 

  • 1. The Nigerian law requires that a parent child relationship be established before the court decision can be considered final. The parent child relationship can range from a few months to two years.
  • 2. Different states in Nigeria might have a slightly different methods of adoption.
  • 3. You are expected to be at least 25 years of age and 21 years older than the child,if your married,one parent must meet the age requirements.
  • 4. If your not a Nigerian citizen,then you are not legally allowed to adopt in Nigeria.
  • 5. Adoption in Nigeria are regulated by the Nigerian Child Rights Law or the Adoption Act of 1965. 
  • 6. The only people allowed adopt from Nigeria are Nigerians  who also have American citizenship.
  • 7. General it is expected that you must first obtain temporary custody of the child first,both single individuals and married couples may adopt,married couples must adopt jointly and both members of the couple must be Nigerian citizens. 

  • 8. The chances of successfully adopting a child in Nigeria will be higher if you apply with your spouse.
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  • 9. Nigeria does not have any income requirements for inter country adoptions. 
  • 10. According to Nigerian law, a child must be below the age of 16 to be eligible for adoption this is according to the Adoption Act of 1965 or 17 years according to the Child Rights Law in order to be adopted.  
  • 11. There are no specific instructions or guidelines concerning sibling adoptions.
  • 12. Not all children in orphanages or children’s homes are eligible for adoption in Nigeria,most often these kids are kept there due to financial reasons or unforeseen circumstances.
  • 13. Before adoption,parents of the child must relinquish their parental rights and give consent to their child’s adoption.
  • 14. Citizens of the United States can decide whether or not to use a licensed adoption service provider in the United States to adopt a child in Nigeria,US citizens are also expected to meet the adoption requirements in America as well as in Nigeria.
  • 15. US citizens planning to adopt a child in Nigeria should note that there are fees to be paid which might include fees to an agency or the orphanage,court fees,passports fees (US Citizens) documents Etc which are estimated to cost more than N300,000 Naira.
  • 16. Certificates / documents needed for adoption in Nigeria include: Birth certificates,Marriage certificates,Divorce decrees,Proof of Nigerian citizenship,Proof of U.S. citizenship,Financial documentation,Police report Etc other specific documents might be required or requested. 
  • 17. After legally obtaining the custody of the child,you should apply for a new birth certificate for your child which is expected to carry your name.
  • US citizens can then go ahead to apply for a U.S. immigrant visa to bring the child home to the United States.Also note that the adopted child is not yet an American citizen and so will need passport and documentation from Nigeria.
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  • 18. The steps involved in the adoption of a child in Nigeria are:
  • (a) Go ahead and submit a formal letter of request which must be submitted to a competent court.
  • (b) You will be invited for an interview and asked the reason why you want to adopt a child.
  • (c) Afterwards a letter of approval would be issued to you in other to search for adoptable child in any orphanage home,you should also note that you have to pay the prescribed fee to the orphanage home.
  • (d) The court require you to stay with the child for 3 months in other to create familiarity and also give an opportunity for you  the adopter to decide if you want to adopt the child or not. 
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  • (e) After the three months of ascertained mutual compatibility, the court will grant a final approval to you which means that you have successfully adopted a child.
In conclusion,adopting a child in Nigeria can be a very long process,that will also require you to spend some cash,you should be carefully of fake agencies that will promise to offer a quicker adoption route for a fee,always consult the appropriate authorities and follow the legit legal methods to adopt a Child in Nigeria. 


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