How To Host A Website In Nigeria

This article contain information on how you can host a website in Nigeria with ease. 

Are you thinking of hosting a website for your business? Or thinking of starting a personal blog where you can share your experiences? 

How To Host A Website In Nigeria

To host a website is as easy as pie,all you have to do is to have a laptop and a good internet access.

If you don't have a laptop or you don't have internet access,you can easily use any cyber cafĂ© near your area.  

Then your in the right place because this article contains information on how you can easily set up your own website. 

Follow the steps below to host a website in Nigeria. 

Step 1:

The first step is to buy a domain name,a domain name can also be called the website name,for example the domain name for this website is,buying a domain name is very affordable,to buy a domain name that ends with .com will cost you about N3,000 while a domain name that ends with will cost you about N2000. 

There are a lot of good domain name sellers that you can patronize. 

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Step 2:

The next step for you is to buy a Web Hosting Account,it is necessary as it will help you store the data that you save on your website. 
Your website can only work when you connect it to a webhost. 
There are a couple of affordable hosting plans in Nigeria,all you have to do is to select one. Before making payments,make sure you compare their plans and prices and see which one you can afford. 

It's also imperative that you read reviews about their customer service before making payment,most often you might need their assistance in setting up your website. 

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Step Three:

After making payment for your hosting,the company will furnish you with details for the webhost such as Cpanel login details, website details, their email server details, their DNS details, the bandwidth you have received in your account, the disks space etc.

The final step is the pointing of Nameservers,after pointing the website you may wait for 24 hours or more before your website can begin to work. It is better to buy both the domain name and webhost from the same company that way you can be able to setup your website faster. 

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While setting up your website,if you encounter any difficulty or hitch,you should contact the customer care of your host for immediate assistance.