Top 10 Best Consulting Firms In Nigeria

It's advisable for anyone planning to venture into any
type of medium/large scale business in Nigeria to consult the services of professional consulting firms,in other not to end up making beginners mistakes which might result to loss of capital.  

In Nigeria,there are a number of world class multinational and indigenous companies that you can patronize,they offer professional advice in different areas such as accountancy, law, human resources, marketing,finance,engineering,business etc
A consulting firm will definitely help you to channel your business in the right direction for a fee,this services is available to individuals and organizations.

Most often consultant firms employ the services of experienced  specialists/consultants that has worked in a particular field for many years and also well experienced individuals all with the aim of providing consultancy services to their customers.

If your in Nigeria and you intend to seek the services of a consulting firm,listed below is the list of some of the top 10 consulting firms in Nigeria that you should probably check out. 

Top 10 Best Consulting Firms In Nigeria

1. Novatia Consulting

Novatia is one of the popular consulting firms in Nigeria that has received awards and accolades. 

This firm is a top management consulting company,Novatia's services include: business development, brand building,process improvement, risk analysis, project management, supply chain management Etc

2. KPMG Consulting

Klynveld, Peat, Marwick and Goerdeler popularly known as KPMG is a multinational auditing firm that started it's Nigerian  operations way back in 1978. The firm is one of the biggest four auditing firms in the world. 
KPMG's consultancy and advisory services are really top notch and rated as one of the best consultancy firms in Nigeria. 

3. PwC Consulting

Price Waterhouse Cooper (PWC) is a multinational company providing professional services to people. PwC is rated as the largest professional service provider in the world.

The company is headquartered in London, United Kingdom and also has a branch office in Nigeria,some of their services include insurance,tax audit,legal consultation,business development etc

4. Accenture Consulting

Accenture Plc is a multinational management consulting and professional services company that employs more than 425,000 worldwide and serves clients in more than 200 cities in about 120 countries.

The company provides clients with different consulting services worldwide.

Accenture Plc also has a presence in Nigeria as Accenture Nigeria and was established in 1985. 

Currently Accenture has a team of over 100 professional consultants active and offering professional services in different sectors of Nigeria's economy.

5. Phillips Consulting

Over the years Phillips Consulting has become one of the most  popular consulting firms in Nigeria.
Phillips Consulting offer professional consulting services in different sectors such as branding and business development,human resources,financial services,health services etc 

6. Deloitte Consulting

Deloitte Consulting is another top notch consulting company that was founded by Akintola Williams. 

Deloitte offer consulting services in risk management,business strategy,audit,financial advisory Etc

7. Fosad Consulting

With over 15 years experience in offering consultancy services,Fosad consulting is one of the top consulting firm in Nigeria
Some of their consultancy services include marketing strategy, business registration,personnel management Etc

8. Ashford & McGuire Consulting

Ashford & McGuire is one of the top consulting firms in Nigeria with it's main interest in strategy,human capital,and financial management.

It is also one of the top indigenous management consulting companies in Nigeria.

9. Matog Consulting

Matog Consulting is one of the top management consulting firms in Nigeria. 

Matog Consulting has been offering consultancy services and helping businesses in Nigeria for more than 12 years.

Some of their major service areas include accounting, taxation, advisory, strategy,financial advisory etc

10. Platinum Stream Consulting

Platinum Stream Consulting is one of the top 10 best consultancy firms in Nigeria with strong interest in helping  businesses to set up accounting systems and tax solutions. 

Some of their other services include business branding,human resource, business registration Etc