Top 10 Cloud Hosting Companies In Nigeria

Cloud hosting is a type of computing technology that
efficiently distributes the available resources of a server and ensures that no server is overloaded thus enabling the servers to work more efficiently.

Users of cloud hosting can simply use it without bothering where it's from,all they have to do is to pay. 
Cloud hosting in Nigeria is still not very popular as a lot of people do not understand how it works yet. 

Because of the fact that cloud hosting is efficient,it's actually cheaper when compared head to head to other forms of web hosting.

There are a couple of good Cloud Hosting Companies in Nigeria,but before you decide to patronize any of these companies make sure that you choose the one that will ensure 99.9 percent up-time and most importantly check the price offer. 

Top 10 Cloud Hosting Companies In Nigeria

1. HostNowNow 

HostNowNow is one of the most popular web hosting companies in Nigeria and one of the few that offer cloud hosting platforms which are great for your high-traffic sites.

There are different available packages at an affordable price.

2. Garanntor 

Another popular web hosting firm in Nigeria,Garanntor's Cloud Servers gives the processing power needed to run an efficient website Starting at N6,500 per month.

3. Utiware

Utiware claims to be the first web hosting company in Nigeria to develop and deliver State-of-the-Art Cloud Servers. 
According to Utiware,it will assist to build and configure your own personal Cloud Server from their Giant Cloud by pre installing Windows Server 2008 R2 OS including IIS, DNS, MS SQL 2012, and MySQL Servers to set you up immediately within 4 days.

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Other efficient cloud hosting companies worthy of a mention include: 
  • 4. CloudHost
  • 5. SoftLayer
  • 6. KekHosting
  • 7. Go4hosting
  • 8. Hostvillenigeria
  • 9.
  • 10. Hostmeng