Top 10 Free Website Hosting Companies In Nigeria

There are a couple of free web hosting companies in
Nigeria that offer webmasters the opportunity to host their websites without payment.

As pleasant as it might sound,there is always a catch,most often there are limitations on the features of a free hosted website such as limited bandwidth,limited file space Etc
Most often some of these free web hosting companies will give you an option of a paid upgrade whenever your website start to receive traffic or whenever you decide to add more content to the website. 

List Of Free Web Hosting Companies In Nigeria

1. HUB8

Currently one of the top web hosting companies that offer free website hosting is HUB8.
HUB8 is a web hosting company that will also help you to easily set up your website.

HUB8 also has a couple of free hosting plans which are free and supports different types of websites such as Drupal, Magento, Joomla, Zen Cart which is powered by a fast hosting SSDs. 
HUB8 offers hosting and free cPanel but will be renewed every 3 month.

Also check out these other free hosting companies and their websites. 

2. Free Host NG

3. Free Web Host 

4. Free Web Host

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5. Free Hostia

6. WebHost

7. Byet

8. Googie Host

9. X10 Hosting

10. 5GB Free