Top 10 Problems Of Education In Nigeria

Nigerian education is one area that seems to be experiencing a
set back for some years,in fact right now the situation is now laughable,the pathetic situation even seems to be worsening as no body not even the government seems to have a solution to the education crisis in Nigeria.
In this post we're going to take a look at some of the top 10 problems of education in Nigeria.

Top 10 Problems Of Education In Nigeria

10. Inadequate Staff

This is a problem experienced not only in the education sector but other sectors,there is a less number of teachers or lecturers teaching students,in this scenario you will find teachers under performing due to the stress of attending to a large number of students.

9. Unqualified Staff

Almost every job/employment  gotten in Nigeria is through connection,there are thousands of non educated and unqualified teachers holding academic posts in secondary and tertiary institutions in Nigeria,while the overly qualified ones cannot secure the job because he or she is not well connected,this will result in flooding the Nigerian labor market with half baked graduates.

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8. Salary

The salary of most secondary and primary school teachers are very low,thus discouraging young graduates from venturing into the profession,a lot of graduates now dream of securing lecturing jobs in different universities because of a much more attractive salary that lecturers earn.

7. Inadequate Education Infrastructure 

Education Infrastructure in Nigeria is in a deplorable state,the classes are not enough for the number of students,some even receive lectures under trees,the public schools seems to be mostly affected,there are no or a few standard learning laboratories in government and public schools in Nigeria,even in some state universities.

6. High Number Of Tertiary Institutions

The government should regulate the number of institutions springing forth,there are a lot of Universities especially private universities owned by private individuals that do not produce skilled graduates, but are only after their own profit,this causes the general fall in standard of education in Nigeria

5. Trust

A lot of Nigerians has lost hope and trust in the Nigerian education system and this has affected education as a whole,Nigerians generally are skeptical about education and this is now a very big problem.


For example almost every year ASUU always embark on strikes in other for the government to pay their salaries and arrears.

3. Low Standards

Due to the low standards and level of education,a lot of Nigerians send their children to other countries for proper education,Nigeria lose billions of Naira due to this fact,as the money would have been properly invested in Nigeria,a lot of Nigerians students are currently studying in other West African countries,where as Nigeria doesn’t have a substantial number of International students.

2. Corruption 

The level of corruption in Nigeria is very high and this has trickled down to the other sectors like the education sector. Most often the funds released by the federal government are diverted to other areas or looted by high ranking government officials at all levels.

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1. Negligence

This is one of the major problems of education in Nigeria,the education system in Nigeria has not been receiving attention,strict supervision and adequate funding from the federal government,this is why education in Nigeria is currently in a deplorable state.