Top 10 Reseller Hosting Companies In Nigeria

A reseller is simply a middle man or marketer who sells web space on another hosting company server. 

What the reseller does is to purchase a large share of web space and bandwidth from the parent web hosting company and can then divide it into smaller bandwidth to sell to customers in other to make profit. 
In this post we are going to take a look at some of the top 10 reseller hosting companies in Nigeria.  

Top 10 Reseller Hosting Companies In Nigeria

Being a reseller can actually make you some cool money if you learn the ropes,you should also know that being a reseller doesnt mean that you have to be a tech wizard,infact you don't really need to have much knowledge about the technical aspects of web hosting,the main hosting company is responsible for maintaining network and hardware infrastructure. 

If you start to face any software and connectivity problems,all you have to do is to contact the host company,as a reseller you can setup and manage your customers account via a web interface. 

Actually some of the top hosting companies in Nigeria are just resellers of web hosting companies that are not in Nigeria.
Here are some of the best reseller hosting companies in Nigeria. 

1. VB Host Net

Vbhostnet is one of the top reseller hosting companies in Nigeria with reseller plans such as master reseller and alpha master reseller,this plans are affordable and come with some great features.

Vbhostnet is also excellent if you have many websites or would like to start your own web hosting business in Nigeria,you can easily sell cPanel account, create, edit custom packages, terminate, suspend account and more web hosting task anonymously with a private names server.

You can buy a basic reseller plan from vbhostnet for as low as N9,000 per year,while the standard plan cost N14,000 and the advanced reseller plan cost N17,000.

2. Branestan

Branestan gives you the opportunity to start up a reseller business or manage your website(s) your self. 

You can can create, suspend,terminate, sell and host cPanel accounts. 
Branestan also offer free domain name,other domain names such as .com, .org, .will attract additional cost. 

Some of their plans include Master Reseller Hosting,Alpha Reseller Hosting and Super Alpha Reseller.

3. Garanntor 

Garanntor is one of the websites in Nigeria that provides a very good reseller hosting service. 
Some of the services provided by Garanntor includes an efficient back up service.

You can also create an unlimited number of cPanel web hosting control panel and sell it to your customers who can then use the tools and the graphical interface to manage their own business interests.

Garanntor offers 5 different packages that should meet the with different needs of the reseller,Garanntor's reseller hosting packages include RH-Nano,RH-Micro,RH-Small,RH-Medium and RH-Large.

4. Utiware 

Start up your reseller business with Utiware,the reseller company offer a profitable hosting business and you can make money selling unlimited cPanel accounts. 

Also enjoy a 25% discount on Reseller Web Hosting Plans. Some of the plans you can select include a Reseller Professional which costs N37,500 a year,Reseller Expert N50,000 and Reseller Enterprise N75,000.
5. WhoGoHost 

WhoGoHost is one of the top popular firms that is known for it's Reseller Hosting Plans,WhoGoHost's Reseller Hosting Plans include Plastic which costs N14,500 per year and N1,450 Monthly,Bronze > N36,000 Annually and N3,600 Monthly,Silver >N72,000 Annually and N7,200 Monthly,also enjoy fast technical support on your reseller account.

6.  Q Server

Your can launch your own web hosting business on Q server to resell with your very own private label hosting plans. 

Q server offers high resell value and reliable quality that is ideal for IT companies and individuals who are reselling Linux hosting plans.

The RSL-5GB reseller hosting package costs just N10,000 yearly.

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7. HostNowNow

HostNowNow Is among the top resellers of hosting in Nigeria,that offer a Linux reseller hosting plans which includes around 10GB Storage Space with 100GB Bandwidth.
8. McReal

McReal offers different types of reseller packages starting from N20,000 to N180,000 per year,you an also customize web clients requests as well.

9. WEB4Africa

Another popular company offering different kinds of Reseller Hosting for Nigeria is WEB4Africa.

For as low as N5,000 per month,you cal purchase a resellers package. 

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10. Smartweb

Smartwebs offer it's subscribers a storage disk and bandwidth of up to 250GB Bandwidth with 30GB Storage space.