Top 10 Ways To Get Investors In Nigeria

One of the most difficult task every entrepreneur will face is getting investors that will be willing to invest in their business,if
your one of those people looking for a way to get investors for your business,this article will list out some top 10 methods that you can use to get an investor or even investors. 

To be honest,getting an investor is now a herculean task,one of the reasons for this is that majority of business ideas when funded might fail after investing so much funds and time,also there is also the problem of fraud and scam,this has also scared away a lot of local private investors and foreign investors that were once interested in investing in Nigeria.

Nevertheless if your still determined to find an investor,listed below are some of the methods that can help you to get a genuine foreign or local investor in Nigeria. 

Top 10 Ways To Get Investors In Nigeria

1. Social Media

A lot of entrepreneurs has achieved success through social media platform,they are different types of social media where entrepreneurs and investors can connect. 

Currently the social media getting the much needed vibe for entrepreneurs and entrepreneurship in Nigeria is LinkedIn,creating an account will be a good idea,you should also check out other social platforms too.

2. Seminar And Workshops

Most often seminars and workshops are organized by investors or entrepreneurs that are business savy. Most often Seminars and Workshops are filled with different investors,you can start attending seminars and functions,this will increase the probability of meeting a potential investor. 

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3. Alumni Events

Most colleges and universities organize Alumni events,most often people shy away from Alumni Events but the truth is that you might be able to get an investor from Alumni event. 

For the fact that you both share the same Alma Mata,that will give you an edge and the confidence needed to sell your idea to your potential investor. 
4. E-Mail

Some years back sending emails to individuals and Ceo's of organizations worked like magic for some entrepreneurs,right now the chances of getting an investor through this method is now very slim,because of the activities of scammers and fraudsters in Nigeria. 

These mails are seen by investors as scam mails,if your interested in giving this method a try,there are a couple of websites that offer the services of furnishing you with the email of investors. You can search for these websites using Google.

5. Networking Events

Networking Events is a hub for anyone willing to get an investor,networking events such as online events,fashion vents Etc attract investors from different business sectors,you can also check out some of these events in your area. 

6. Online Forums

Millions of Nigerian including investors visit Nairaland and different forums,many entrepreneurs have gone ahead to start up their own business that was funded by an investor they met on an online forum.

You should also check out these other forums for entrepreneurs such as,

7. Angel Groups

Business investors are referred to as Angels,Investors form groups with the sole aim of helping upcoming entrepreneurs. 

Checking out some of these groups is not a bad idea,all you have to do is to sign up,then carefully look for a great way to sell your business ideas to a number of investors. 
Some of these groups include c4a,, Etc

8. Industry Events

Attending specific industry events that is specific to your area of business interest can help to build your contacts and connection,this is very vital if your interested in finding an investor.

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9. Radio & Tv Show

Radio and TV stations have shows that are dedicated to featuring successful entrepreneurs and business people. Start watching these shows,be a fan,afterwards look for a way to connect.

10. Charity Events

Apart from seminars and workshops, charity events are also filled with successful entrepreneurs and business people,volunteer to be part of these events,you might eventually meet one of the major donors that might be willing to invest in your business.