Austria Visa Requirements & Fees For Nigerian Citizens

This article contains vital information about the Austria visa
requirements and fees for Nigerian Citizens planning to travel to Austria. 

Austria is one of the countries located in Central Europe,Its capital and largest city is called Vienna.
Nigerian passport holders are advised to visit the  Embassy of Austria in Nigeria for more information and further instructions. 

Austria Visa Fees & Requirements For Nigerian Passport Holders

Austria is a German speaking landlocked country of around 8.7 million people.

Q: Austria Types Of Visa?
  • Short-term visa (up to 90 days)
  • Residence permit (more than six months)

Q: Austria General Requirements For Visa For Nigerian Citizens?

  • 1. Nigerians with plans to stay in Austria for a period longer than six months have to apply for a residence permit. Your documents needs to be verified if your planning to apply for a resident permit,also all documents have to be verified and legalized. Applications centers are located in Lagos or Abuja. Applicants are to provide the new bio-metric passports.
  • 2. Your international passport should have up to 3 empty pages in your international passport for visa sticker.
  • 3. A valid health insurance will be needed for the intended period of travel.
  • 4. Evidence of sufficient financial capability must be presented during visa application and before gaining entrance into a schengen country,you should also note that an issued visa doesn't necessarily guarantee entrance into a schengen country.  
  • 5. Austria is a Schengen country,so if your planning to visit only Austria,then you should apply at the Austrian Embassy,if however you plan visit several Schengen countries,then you should apply for visa at the country that you will stay the longest time.
  • 6. Normally you can apply for short term visa's at the vfs center in Lagos or Abuja,if you are looking for a resident permit for studies/school etc then you should visit the Austrian Embassy. 
  • 7. For Nigerians seeking for a short term Austria visa,the following documents will be needed: 
  • (a) A Complete and signed visa application form (free).
  • (b) 3 copies of your current passport data page.
  • (c) Vfs fees i.e if your applying through vfs,fees should be paid and receipts presented,applicants less than 18 years are expected to present a copy of birth certificate,a consent letter from Parents,passport copy of the parent issuing letter of consent or the national identity card. 
  • 8. Your Nigerian passport must have a minimum of 9 months validity at the time of submission of application,your passport Issued date must not be up to10 years at the time of submission.

Q: Austria Visa Collection Time?

Applicants applying via vfs should visit the Visa application center to collect their International passport,you should also be tracking your application status via vfs's website.
The collection timing is 11.00AM- 4.00 PM from Monday to Friday except on holidays,also endeavor to come alonng with your receipt. 

Q: Austria Student Visa Requirements For Nigerians? 
  • 1. A residence permit is needed since you are going to be living in austria for over 6 months,a type D non-immigrant Austrian student visas are usually issued. Normally the Aufenthaltsbewilligung Studierende (student residence permit) will be issued to you in Austria by their authorities. 

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  • 2. To apply for an Austria student visa from Nigeria,you will be required to follow the following steps: 
  • (a) Fill out a Type D visa application form.
  • (b) Provide 2 recent passport photographs in dimensions of 35 - 40 mm.
  • (c) Valid International Passport with two empty leaflets which must be valid for at least three months after your intended stay,passport must have been issued within the last 10 years. 
  • (d) Admission letter issued by the Austrian university that your enrolling, plus a proof of accommodation arrangements,proof of health insurance,this can be secured from one of the insurance companies in Nigeria such as IGI Nigeria,AIICO Insurance,Zenith Insurance,Leadway Assurance etc this should cover medical cost of up to 30,000 Euros.
  • (e) Bank statement showing proof of sufficient cash in the form of bank statement, 487.53 euros per month is required for students aged 24 and below, while 882.78 euros is required per month for students aged 24 and above.
  • (f) Proof of payment of your tuition fees payment or grants to cover tuition fees.
  • (g) A notarized letter signed by your parents stating and declaring to take financial responsibility of you,if your not able to finance yourself.
  • (i) Copy of your itinerary / round trip ticket.
  • (j) Biometric data must be submitted,a biometric data,you should schedule for an appointment at the embassy.
  • (k) Birth certificate,and police clearance certificate showing that you are a modest citizen.
  • (l) Get your documents legalized,this can be done by booking an appointment online via the online reservation system,legalization office hours are Monday and Wednesday, 9 a.m. till 12:00 noon.
  • (m) Application for the Austrian Type D student visa is done via the Austrian Embassy in Nigeria from Monday till Thursday, 9 - 12 noon.

For more information visit the Embassy of Austria in Nigeria.

Q: How Much Is Austria Visa Fees In Nigerian Naira?
Visa Application Fees:

  • Adult Consular Fees € 80 -  ₦ 35,360
  • Minors Consular Fees € 50 - ₦ 22,100
  • Short Term visas (90 days stay) - € 60 - ₦ 26,500
  • --
  • Short Term Visas For Kids Going On Tourism (Age 0 - 6 years) - Free
  • Short Term Visas For Kids Going On Tourism (Age 6 - 12 years) - € 35 - ₦ 15,740

Legalization Fees:
  • €40 per document
Fees for Verification:
  • ₦120,000 naira (first person) and ₦40,000 for every other family member.
  • Additional documents submitted after the beginning of the verification: ₦70,000.
  • Eligibility Letter from FME Abuja ₦30,000.