Bahamas Visa Requirements & Fees For Nigerian Citizens

This article contains vital information about the Bahamas visa
requirements and fees for Nigerian Citizens planning to travel to Bahamas. 

Bahamas is one of the countries located in within the Lucayan Archipelago which consists of more than 700 islands,Its capital is called Nassau.
The Bahamas became a British crown colony when the British clamped down on piracy in 1718. 

The Bahamas is one of the richest countries in the Americas,in fact it's placed third after the United States and Canada,Bahamas economy is based on tourism and finance.
Nigerian passport holders are advised to visit the British High Commission in Nigeria for more information and further instructions about scheduled visits to the Bahamas.  

Bahamas Visa Fees & Requirements For Nigerian Passport Holders

1. There is no embassy of Bahamas in Nigeria,however Nigerian passport holders with the intention of traveling to Bahamas for business or tourism can contact the British High
Commission in Nigeria,some of the requirements for a Bahamian visa include: 

  • (a) A carefully filled Bahamian Visa Application form along with supporting documentation,the form should be filled in BLOCK letters. 
  • (b) Applicants are expected to appear in person.
  • (c) A valid Nigerian International Passport with more than 6 months remaining, and a return ticket.
  • (d) 2 passport photos on white background.
  • (e) A job letter/business license.
  • (f) A recent Police report.
  • (g) A recent bank statement showing funds.
  • (h) Flight itinerary ,Hotel or Cruise itinerary.
  • (i) Copies of all previously held visas.
  • (j) A copy of invitation letter Copy of conference/
  • (k) Birth Certificate to prove parental relations with accompanying Children.
  • (l) A valid work permit (for Companies seeking to bring a foreigner to the Bahamas to work).
  • (m) All visa support documents must be legalized in Nigeria before application/submission.
  • (n) Bahamas visa applications should be submitted at least two weeks before intended travel date. 
Q. Bahamas Visa Processing Time?

The Visa is usually processed in two weeks.

RecommendedBritish High Commission In Nigeria Contact Details

Q: Bahamas Visa Fees In Nigerian Naira?  

Bahamas Visa Fees (Non - Biometric Data) 
  • Multiple Entry Visa > £110.00 > ₦ 55,220
  • Multiple Entry Visa £500 > 3 years > ₦ 251,000
  • Single Entry Visa > £100 > ₦ 50,200 
  • Seaman's Visa > £110 > ₦ 55,220
  • Diplomatic Visa > £0 > ₦

Bahamas Visa Fees (Biometric Data Features) 

  • Multiple Entry Visa > £250 > ₦125,000
  • Multiple Entry Visa £500 > 3 years > ₦ 251,000
  • Single Entry Vsa > £160 > ₦ 80,320
  • Transit Visa > £100 >  ₦ 50,200 
  • Seaman's Visa > £160 > ₦ 80,320

Visa processing fees are non refundable and visas may not be issued after application.