The Richest King In Africa


According to Forbes publication,the richest king in Africa is from Morocco.

In this post we shall reveal some which facts about the richest king in Africa and his current net worth.  
In a lot of countries in the world,the idea of having a king has been scraped,however in Morocco and a few other countries,the practice is still valid,in fact the king has the highest constitutional power in Morocco. 

The Richest King In Africa

Q: The Richest King In Africa Quick Facts? 

  • 1. The richest king in Africa is the King of Morocco named Mohammed VI,he was born on the 21st of August 1963.
  • 2. He took over after his father King Hassan II died,he became the king on the 23 July 1999.
  • 3. From an early age of 4 he was groomed to be the Crown Prince of Morocco,his father made sure that he attended the Qur'anic school at the Royal Palace where he was taught religious and political education. He was also King Hassan II's oldest son. 
  • 4. After his primary and secondary school studies at Royal College,he went ahead to bag a degree in law at the Mohammed V University at Agdal in 1985,on 26 November 1985,he joined the Royal Moroccan Army as a Colonel Major.
  • 5. King Mohammed went ahead to bag a PhD in law from the French University of Nice Sophia Antipolis,after which he was promoted to the military rank of Major General,afterwards he became the Commander in Chief of the Royal Moroccan Army,King Mohammed speaks Arabic,Spanish,English and French.
  • 6. According to reports,the King on ascension to the throne granted more power to the women after he enacted a new family code,he also promised a better life for his people,however in 2011,the Moroccan protests took place because of hardship in the country,a lot of people has accused the king of high level corruption. 
  • 7. Apart from being the king of Morocco,King Mohammed VI is a very savvy businessman and banker,he was valued to be worth US$5.8 billion by Forbes magazine making him the richest king in Africa,also it's speculated that the Moroccan Royal Family has one of the largest fortunes in the world.
  • Also according to sources almost one million dollars is spent daily for the up keep of his palace,this is paid and covered by the  Moroccan state,this also covers the cost of maintenance of his cars,clothes,personnel Etc.
  • 8. In 2011 to 2012 Moroccan citizens protested and made an attempt to undermine the monarchic system,another protest also erupted in 2013 after Mohammed VI pardoned 48 jailed Spaniards.
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  • 9. The king has one brother and three sisters,he married H.R.H. Princess Lalla Salma on 21 March 2002 which resulted to the birth of two children namely Prince Moulay Hassan who is the Crown Prince and Princess Lalla Khadija,the kings birthday on the 21st of August which is a public holiday. 
  • 10. The richest king in Africa has also been bestowed different Honours and decorations from around the world such as: Honorary Knight of the Grand Cross of the Royal Victorian Order of Great Britain and Northern Ireland,Grand Cross of the Order of Charles III of Spain Etc,he has also received an honorary doctorate from George Washington University USA.