Top 10 Facts About Made In Nigeria Cars That You Should Know 

Every year thousands of vehicles are imported into
Nigeria,majority of these vehicles however are fairly used vehicles popularly called ''Tokunbo''. 

Over the years some vehicles has been advertised and branded as ''cars perfect and rugged for the Nigerian road terrain '' such as the Peugeot,Hyundai,Toyota Etc but a lot of Nigerians will argue that these cars were not manufactured in Nigeria. 
However in recent times,a company in Nigeria has claimed to be the first manufacturer of cars in Nigeria. This company's name is called Innoson Automobile. 

Innoson Automobile claims to be the first manufacturer of vehicles for Africans. 

In this post we will quickly take a look at some of the quick facts about made in Nigeria cars and also review facts about Nigeria's auto manufacturer known as Innoson Automobile,it's Ivm car models brands,price list and some other facts about the self acclaimed first car manufacturing company in Nigeria.

Made In Nigeria Cars : 20 Facts You Should Know
  • 1. The founder of Innoson Motors (IVM) is an Igbo man named Innocent Chukwuma,initially he started off dealing in motorcycle importation and also spare part importation in a vibrant town called Nnewi in Anambra state Nigeria. 
  • 2. The founder of Innoson Motors having been in the business for years decided to venture into the assembly of the first Made-in-Nigeria Motorcycle brand,this was sold as low as  N60,000. 

  • 3. In recent times the company has ventured into the manufacture of brand news cars,according to PwC,for every brand new car  bought and running on Nigerian roads, there are 131 tokunbo ones ( Ratio 1 : 131).

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  • 4. According to information provided by Innoson Motors (IVM),the company has produced more than ten thousand cars that are driven in over twenty African countries,some of the features of the car includes: rugged performance,as the car was built for the rugged African roads,low fuel consumption rate,low chances of overheating,reinforced shock absorber and 3 years warranty,also the vehicle's spare parts can be gotten from Innoson motors. 
  • 5. Nigerians interested in buying one of these vehicle can buy via car dealers and some of Nigeria's commercial banks through a loan payment scheme. 
  • 6. Other popular car brands in the world such as Nissan, KIA Etc also have assembly plants in Nigeria.
  • 7. Innoson Vehicle Manufacturing Company is rated as he first indigenous automobile producing company in Nigeria. 

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  • 8. A brand new car from Innoson costs about N1.4million to N3.5million Naira. 
  • 9. Some of the cars produced by Innoson motors include Buses and luxurious buses,Saloon cars, Pickups, SUV’s, Etc,the materials used for the production of these vehicles are  made in Nigeria and are of international production standard. Some of Innoson's vehicle names include: IVM FOX,DISCOVER FOX,IVM UMU ,DISCOVER UMU,IVM CARRIER 4WD,DISCOVER CARRIER,IVM 5000,DISCOVER IVM5000.
  • 10. Because of the large number of tokunbo cars,it may seem as if made in Nigeria cars are not penetrating the consumer car market in Nigeria, however there has been a steady progress made in the number of people that patronize made in Nigeria cars
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In conclusion:

Buying a brand new made in Nigeria car might be economical considering the fact that it was built for Nigerian roads,however,there is also the problem of the availability of spare parts for the cars and also the second hand price value of the car when the owner decides to sale the vehicle. 
So what do you think?

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