Barbados Visa Requirements & Fees For Nigerian Citizens

This article contains vital information about the Barbados visa
requirements and fees for Nigerian Citizens planning to travel to Barbados. 

Barbados is one of the countries located in the Caribbean region of North America. 
Nigerian passport holders are advised to visit the British Embassy in Nigeria for more information and further instructions.  

Barbados Visa Fees & Requirements For Nigerian Passport Holders

Most often Nigerians travel to the Barbados for tourism and studies,if however your planning to visit Barbados for work purposes,then you will probably need a work permit. 

Barbados is a beautiful island country located in the Caribbean region of North America. 
The country is well known for it's flourishing tourism as it attracts visitors from over the world. 
Nigerian passport holders who intend to travel to Barbados do not need a visa before entrance into the Island country as Nigerian passport holders can visit the country and stay up to 6 months. 

Nigerians seeking to travel to Barbados to study or work will require the requisite visa,while those traveling to Barbados for holiday will not be needing a visa. 

Those planning to study in Barbados should note that they will need a student visa which is only issued by the Immigration Department in Barbados,a student visa costs US$300,with an application fee of US$100. 

Basic Requirements 

Nigerians planning to travel to Barbados can secure an invitation letter from the hotel they are going to stay after booking,the flight ticket should cost between $1500 - $3000 depending on the airline and the time of booking. 

Also you should make arrangements for your BTA which may be up to $3000 or less,afterwards get your yellow card and a police report. 

Flight Details

You should also note that there are no direct flights from Nigeria to Barbados,and most flights make stoppages before connecting to the Island nation.

Depending on the flight your using,you might be required to have a transit visa,according to sources some airlines like Lufthansa provide transit visa. 


A better alternative however is to secure your transit visa while your still in Nigeria,preferably a UK transit visa which is quite affordable and easy to secure as most airlines en route Barbados fly through England.

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Life In Barbados

The standard of living is very high in Barbados with good living conditions, but very expensive.

Most hotels in Barbados are pricey but there are a few guest houses that are affordable,also you should know that owning a property in Barbados might be difficult as the measures put in place by the country's government does not encourage such.

Check Out: Address & Contact Details Of British Embassy In Nigeria

For more information and clarification,visit the British Embassy closest to you. 


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