Best DStv Payment Options In Nigeria Today

DStv is a pay TV that is headquartered in Gauteng South Africa.

The company was founded in 1995 and provides various entertainment on Tv. 

DStv is also one of the largest pay Tv in Africa with over 8 million subscribers,mainly from South Africa and Nigeria. 
Other important DStv market include Kenya, Ghana, Angola, Zimbabwe,Uganda, Mauritius and Tanzania.

Nigeria has millions of DStv subscribers,in this post we are going to show you some of the top and best payment method for your DStv in Nigeria today. 

Best DStv Payment Options In Nigeria Today 

1. DStv Offices

This is the most classic option when it comes to making payment for your DStv,as you can easily walk into any DStv multichoice outlet and make payment. 

This is still my favorite way of making payment for my DStv 
because I get to ask questions about the latest offer from DStv and also some of their technicians to service my dish or check out any complaint Asap. 

The downside to this is that you will have to visit the office yourself. 

2. Mobile Internet Banking

This is one feature that DStv owners multichoice has capitalized on because almost everyone has an Internet enabled device and can perform Internet banking. 

With Internet Banking you can easily pay for your DStv subscription from the comfort of your house through your bank account. 

Almost all the commercial banks in Nigeria offer the services and all you need is a mobile device with an Internet access. 

3. Quickteller

Quickteller is a payment platform owned by a company called interswitch.

Quickteller provides safe online payment services,as a matter
 of fact,Quickteller is the largest payment gateway in Nigeria. 

You can make payment via Quickteller all you need is your bank account and a valid ATM card.If your a first time user you will have to register and furnish Quickteller with your details.

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You will be required to provide your DStv smart card number,this form of payment will incur some charges,in other to use this service just visit Quickteller's official website. 

4. Mobile Money

The least used form of making DStv payment in Nigeria is mobile money.

Mobile Money comprises of a list of financial institutions that are licensed to provide mobile payment services in Nigeria. Example of this include pagatech, etranscat Etc. 

Listed above are some of the best DStv payment method in Nigeria.