CAC Online Registration: How To Register Your Company Easily 

The CAC,also known as the The Corporate Affairs Commission
is an organization given the mandate to register,regulate and manage companies operating in Nigeria. 

The CAC was established in 1990. 

CAC Online Registration

Since the inception of the CAC some years back,individuals that own companies in Nigeria dreaded the registration process all because of how time consuming and stressful the whole process was.
A lot of people simply didn't want to register their businesses. 
Fast forward to present day,you will definitely notice that things has changed,any individual can initiate the registration of his or her company quite easily,this however can be done online. 

The CAC launched the 24 hours online registration platform on the 2nd of February 2015.

How To Use The CAC Registration Portal To Register?

To register your company via the CAC portal is quite easy,the first step to take in other to register your private or public company is to log on to the CAC website with any internet enabled device ( ,afterwards proceed to create your own personal account.

Fill in your details,make sure you have your National Identification Number (NIN) issued by the National Identity Management Commission (NIMC).
On successful registration,a first time password will be given which you will change after logging in the first time. 

After logging in,check for the availability of your company name which you want to register,you will also be given the option to reserve your company name.

To check the available of the company name you are searching for,just fill in the two names on the search box,on the next page provide more details about the company you want to register such as selecting your business ''Classification'', ''Company type'', reason for name search'' and the ''General nature of your business''.

Afterwards you will be prompted to fill another section where you will provide personal information like ''nationality'',''date of birth'',''country of residence'',''residential address'',''identity type'', ''identity number'' and ''identity issue state''. 

After submitting,you will be prompted to pay N500 after which your name search will commence,after a couple of days an email will be sent to you confirming if the business name you chose is available or not.

After confirmation of the availability of your chosen business name you will be furnished with the details on how to pay the stamp duty fee to the Federal inland revenue service. 
After making payment,arrange your scanned and signed documents and upload to the portal,documents needed include: Memart,Cac 1.1 form,any valid form of identification for the director or secretary of your company,and evidence of payment to the CAC.

Afterwards proceed to the physical office of the CAC which you selected and submit the original hard copies of the documents you up loaded earlier in exchange for your certificate and the certified true copies of the documents.

Also note that during the registration process you might be required to present more documents to validate the process. 

The online process was designed to minimize the irregularities and delay people encounter when trying to register their companies.