Chin Chin Business In Nigeria: Packaging,Preservation,Production,Advert,Marketing & Quick Facts 

A lot of Nigerians has quickly realized that entrepreneurship is
the new way to become financially independent,with the increased level of unemployment at an all time high in Nigeria,people are looking for alternative self sufficient ways to make ends meet. 
In this post we will quickly outline some of the basic information about how you can start up your Chin Chin Business in Nigeria and also some other important information about this business such as preservation,advert,marketing,production and packaging of Chin-Chin business in Nigeria. 

Chin Chin Business In Nigeria: Quick Major Facts
  • 1. Chin Chin is one of the best snack enjoyed by both the old and young people in Nigeria,because of this fact,it is a very lucrative business to venture into,if you want to start this business then you should consider adding other snacks like cake,buns,meat pie Etc. 
  • 2. Before starting this business,it's important that you have a business plan,and also enough capital to start off with. Another important fact to consider is where you can buy your materials easily,materials such as flour,vegetable oil,sugar Etc.
  • 3. The location of where you plan to sell your chin chin is also very importation,you should select a very busy market area in other to make sure that your products are sold quickly,apart from this,you can also supply chin chin to different shops,companies,schools,eateries, kiosks Etc you can even start a chin chin home delivery service. You can also visit more places near your area,to market your product.
  • 4. Most often it's important that you start the production of Chin Chin on a small scale,this way you will study and know if it will be successful,you wouldn't want to invest all your capital only to be disappointed,try starting off on a small scale with a capital of about  ₦ 30,000 -  ₦ 40,000,you should be able to start the production from your house.Afterwards try selling your products,you might end up making a gain of about ₦ 20,000,at this point you are still trying to study and learn the ropes of the business,do not rush to purchase large scale instruments such as cutter,sealer Etc when you have not yet built your customer base.
  • 5. After some time,when you start making enough profit,with also a high number of customers,you can then proceed to buy some instruments such as a cutter,dough roller for kneading,stoves,sealing machine,spoons, etc the good thing about Chin-chin business is that you don't need a lot of expensive equipments.
  • 6. Make sure that your Chin Chin are fresh,tasty and crispy,this will attract more customers. 
  • 7. Packaging of chin chin is relatively easy,they are usually packaged in polythene sheets,most often the transparent ones are cheaper.
    • You will definitely need to buy a sealing machine to help you with the sealing process.
    • 8. Chin Chin is sold for ₦ 50 - ₦ 200 depending on the packaging and how tasty it is,it can also be packaged in a bottle or plastic container. when it comes to the issue of storage of Chin-Chin make sure that you store it in a cool dry place,avoid damp areas. 
    • 9. Most often chin chin is distributed and supplied in baskets and sometimes in cartons before transported to where they are needed.
    • 10. Make sure that you have the number of all your customers,you can call periodically to check if they need a restock.

    • 11. Don't forget to send goodwill text messages to your customers on festive periods,make sure that you personalize the text by adding their names,this will help to boost the relationship that you have with your customers. 
    • 12. Some customers might want to take your product on credit,go ahead and sell to trustworthy customers on credit,but make sure that it doesn't happen regularly,your not an NGO.
    • 13. Consider opening a shop if demands are high,that way your customers can easily visit your shop to buy chin chin at a wholesale price.Also consider running an advert program if you are now producing Chin Chin on a large scale,you can advertise via Google Adwords,Bulk SMS,Radio,Tv etc. 

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    In conclusion:

    The main route to success in Chin Chin business is to try as much as possible to stand out from the rest of your competitors,try as much as possible to be innovative,offer incentives to your customers,try adopting a different packaging and production technique,you will definitely notice that you will start to make more profit.