Rabbit Farming In Nigeria: Species,Food,Price,Rearing Tips,Production & Quick Facts

Rabbits are small mammals with up to 305 breeds,there are both domestic and wild breeds of rabbits. 

Domesticated rabbits are reared and used as food,clothing and also as pets.

A lot of people ask if rabbit farming is profitable in Nigeria,the answer to that question is not far fetched,actually it's a relatively a profitable agri business. 

In this article we are going to quickly take a look at commercial rabbit breeding in Nigeria,and also check out some quick facts about rabbit food,production,management,rearing tips,species,prices and some other important information that you should know.  

Rabbit Farming In Nigeria Quick Facts

  • 1. Rabbit farming is basically the commercial rearing of a single or different breeds of rabbit primarily for sale.
  • 2. Rabbit meat consumption is not as popular as chicken,goat etc however it's still consumed by a lot of Nigerians. 

  • 3. Rabbits grow very fast and there are no religious limitations on consuming rabbits. Rabbits are also relatively cheaper to raise than other livestock. 
  • 4. A fertile doe can give birth to about 3 - 8 kittens,they are also a great alternative for poultry products.
  • 5. You don't need to bother yourself about rabbit food,as rabbits feed on grasses and leaves.

  • 6. Meat from rabbit is very nutritious and easily digestible
  • 7. Some of the popular rabbit species include the New Zealand White,British Giant,Chinchilla,Dutch Rabbits,English Angora,Dwarf Lop,English Lop,Flemish Giant,English Spot Etc. 
  • 8. If your considering running a rabbit farm commercially then you should set up an area that has access to proper ventilation,space and sunlight.
  • 9. The two preferable method of commercial rabbit farming are the deep litter method which is basically using a spacious concrete floor covered with straw,hay and wood shavings (4-5 inches height)  which can house 20 - 40 rabbits,also note that male rabbits should be kept separately from the female rabbit except during breeding season when they can be brought together,the 2nd method is the cage method,here the rabbits are usually kept in cages that are made of wire,make sure there is enough space for the rabbits.
  • 10. You can also supplement your rabbits diet by adding pellets or lettuce or cabbage leafs in their pens once in a while with enough water. 
  • Rabbits should be fed a minimum of two times a day,also feeding them at night might bring higher yields because naturally rabbits are nocturnal and like to feed at night. 
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  • 11. It takes about 6 months for a female rabbit to reach adulthood and start producing offsprings,the buck and the doe should be kept in the same cage during breeding season. 
You can sell your rabbit online,at local markets near your vicinity,supermarkets etc. 

The price of a fully grown rabbit above one year is between N3,000 - N5,000,while the price of a rabbit between 1 - 4 months old costs between N1,000 - N1,500.