Top 10 Best MakeUp Schools In Nigeria + Fees

There are thousands of make up schools located in different
parts of the country,in the post we will take a look at some of the top 10 best makeup schools in Nigeria this year. 

For millions of unemployed Nigerians,becoming an entrepreneur might be the easiest way to escape poverty. 

The makeup industry in the world generates over 100 billion dollars each year,here in Nigeria, the industry seems to also be thriving,a lot of young people have also ventured into the world of makeup in Nigeria. 
Most often before you can become a professional makeup artist you have to attend a good makeup school,listed below are some of the best makeup schools in Nigeria and their school fees,most of these schools have branch offices in Abuja,Lagos and Port Harcourt. 

Top 10 Best MakeUp Schools In Nigeria + Fees

1. House Of Tara

House of Tara is ranked among the top 3 best makeup schools in Nigeria.

House Of Tara was founded by a woman named Tara Fela-Durotoye who is a Nigerian professional makeup artist and lawyer. 
At ago 20,she started House Of Tara from the comfort of her living room before she became among the first set of people to set up a makeup studio of international standard and also a makeup school in Nigeria.

Currently she has makeup studios in Abuja,Akwa Ibom,Anambra,Delta,Edo,Enugu,Kaduna,Kano,Kwara,Lagos,Oyo and Port Harcourt. 

Some of the courses her makeup school offer include: 
  • (a) Personal Makeup
  • (b) Theatre Makeup Course
  • (c) Refresher Makeup Course 
  • (d) Professional Makeup Course 
  • (e) Advanced Beauty Makeup Course &
  • (f) Basic Beauty Makeup Course
Registration form for enrollment into House of Tara is estimated to cost between ₦ 2,000 - ₦ 5,000 while the school fees should cost between ₦ 100,000 - ₦ 160,000. 
2. Zaron

Zaron also operates one of the best makeup training schools in Nigeria called the Zaron Professional makeup training program.

This training offer training courses such as:
  • (a) General Makeup Artistry
  • (b) Introduction To Skin Car
  • (c) Gele Tying 
  • (d) Aesthetics Etc 

Afterwards each student or trainee will be eligible to receive makeup products worth up to ₦ 50,000.

Zaron makeup school is located at Ikoyi,Lagos,the makeup school normally runs for 3 weeks and costs just ₦125,000.

3. Jaga Beauty

Jaga beauty is among the top makeup studio in Nigeria,according to the company,their mission is to educate women about beauty secrets, techniques, and the best beauty products in the industry. 

The company has also produced some of the best makeup artists in Nigeria.Their services include: 
  • (a) Wedding Consultation & Bridal Makeup (White & Traditional Wedding)
  • (b) Makeup, Beauty & Style Consultation
  • (c) Eyelash fixing
  • (d) Gele tying
  • (e) Beauty Advice
  • (f) Personal Makeup Shopper Etc 

Jaga Beauty's make up school costs between ₦ 75,000 - ₦ 150,000 depending on the duration of the course.

4. MUD

MUD also known as Make-Up Designory is ranked among the best makeup school in Nigeria since it's inception in 2010,MUD has successfully trained over 1000 make-up artist in Nigeria. 

Trainees are expected to learn beauty makeup techniques through 84 hours of instruction and practice. 

The company is affiliated with MUD USA Beauty.

MUD makeup school has studios in Abuja,PH and Lagos. Their makeup course cost between ₦150,000 - ₦350,000,the fee includes Tuition,Complete Student Kit and International MUD Certificate.

5. Evolve

Evolve Makeup has been in the business for a very long time,the company is ranked among the best makeup school in Nigeria. 

Their makeup school costs between ₦ 40,000 - ₦ 50,000 and lasts for about 2 weeks.

6. Sisi Valisimo

Sisi Valisimo makeup school is one the top makeup school in Nigeria with experienced tutors that specialize on teaching different makeup skills. 
Sisi Valisimo is located on the mainland,and you can learn to become a professional makeup artist within a few weeks.

A 2 months basic class training class will cost you ₦150,000 + makeup kits,a 4 months basic and advanced training class will cost you 250,000 + makeup box while a 6 months basic and advanced/professional training class will cost you ₦ 450,000 + Makeup kits.

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7. Spectrum Beauty Academy

Spectrum Beauty Academy is a general beauty school that train individuals to become professional beauticians such as Make Up Artists,Nail Technicians,Barbers Etc
The school fees for the training school costs between ₦200,000 - ₦525,000 depending on the course your planning to learn. 

8. Elo Make-up

Elo Make-up is one of the best makeup school in Nigeria with branches in Ikeja Lagos. 

Students learn some of the best makeup skills at Elo's Make-up school. 

9. Maiworld Makeover

Maiworld is another makeup school in Nigeria,the school's registration form costs between ₦1,000 -  ₦ 2,000. 
The duration of the course is 3 weeks and the tuition fee is ₦ 60,000 with installment payment options.

10. Beauty Republic Makeup School

Beauty Republic Makeup School is one of the top makeup schools in Nigeria,according to the school,their mission is to  train people from different backgrounds and cultures to reveal their artistic capabilities and acquire the relevant techniques to fill a need in the Makeup Industry. 
The course is expected to last for 5 weeks and will cover different aspects of the Nigerian Makeup Industry.
Enrollment into Beauty Republic Makeup School cost ₦ 80,000.

  • (a) Most makeup schools in Nigeria require their trainees to be up to 18 years.
  • (a) Some of the makeup school offer free makeup kits and branded customized outfits to their trainees. 
  • (c) Certificates are usually issued upon graduation from a Makeup school.