Top 10 Importance Of Agriculture In Nigeria 

Agriculture is basically the act of cultivation of the soil for the primary
aim of growing of crops and also rearing of animals to provide food and some other products.

Agriculture is not only about farming but about all the processes involved with the act of rearing of animals and cultivation of crops.

The word 'Agriculture' was derived from two Latin words which are 'agar' and 'culture' which mean 'land' and 'cultivation'.
Agriculture is very important because without Agriculture there won't be adequate food for humans to eat,the world will be hit with a global famine. In this post we shall list some of the top Importance of Agriculture in Nigeria.

The branches of Agriculture include forestry,fishing,ranching,Aqua farming,apiculture and whaling.

Top 10 Importance Of Agriculture In Nigeria

1. Source Of Food

One of the major importance of Agriculture is food,through Agriculture foods like yam,cocoyam,rice,beans,maize,millet etc are readily made available for consumption.

2. Source Of Clothing

Agriculture is one of the major sources of clothing. Cotton is readily farmed,harvested and processed into different materials used for clothing.

This wouldn't have been possible without Agriculture.

3. Source Of Shelter

Many centuries ago,before the advancement of technology,the earliest humans  provided shelter for themselves through the activities of Agriculture. 
Most of the pre historic humans built houses using sticks and wood from the forest.
Fast forward to recent times,processed timber and woods are used for building elegant houses.

4. Provision Of Raw Materials For Industries

Most often different agro processing industries need agricultural raw materials for the production of a particular product.

For example a cloth making industry will definitely need an adequate supply of cotton as the raw material for making clothes.

5. Creation Of Jobs/Employment

Agriculture generates income and for a lot of people in Nigeria it has become their source of employment.

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Through Agriculture a lot of young people have created job for themselves by becoming farmers.

6. Source Of Foreign Exchange

Agriculture contributes to the total GDP of Nigeria, and it is also a major source of foreign exchange for the country.

7. Source Of Personal Income

Agriculture has made it possible for farmers to be able to make end meet,a lot of farmers in Nigeria practice subsistence farming which is basically farming for oneself and his/her 
family,after which the remaining farm produce will be sold to generate income.

8. Market For Industrial Goods

Agriculture creates the enabling environment and market for industrial goods to thrive.

9. Economic Growth

The activities of Agriculture in Nigeria has helped to increase the economy of the country. Agriculture was once the major source of economic growth of Nigeria before the discovery of oil and oil boom which lead to the neglect of the sector.

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Nevertheless Agriculture still contribute to Nigeria’s economic growth.

10. Medicine & Herbs

Most synthesized dr*gs are gotten from plants,cultivation of some of these medicinal plants and herbs help to produce medicinal plants that can be used to cure different illnesses.