English Language In Nigeria: Functions,Importance,History,Roles & Quick Facts

English language is spoken in Nigeria by different tribes
in Nigeria,it is regarded as the official language used in Nigeria. 
This post contains some of the quick facts about English language,it's importance,history and role in Nigeria.

English Language In Nigeria:

1. English Language was introduced to Nigeria by Christian Missionaries who came from Great Britain.

2. Formal western education was introduced before the middle of the 19th century,before then people were  taught traditional culture and history by heir parent's.

3. Over the years Nigeria developed it's own type of english called the ''Nigerian Standard English'',this type of english which is peculiar to Nigerians is a combination of both British and American english.

4. Another variety of English language spoken in Nigeria is the popular ''Nigerian Pidgin English'',this type of english is used in informal conversations and was derived from the English language. Foreigners that speak and understand English language find it difficult too understand the ''Nigerian Pidgin English''.


5. Currently there are over 520 languages spoken in Nigeria.

About 60 - 70 million Nigerians speak the English language,this was also influenced by the colonization of the british. 
6. Currently English language is used to teach in Nigeria schools from Pre-Nursery to Nursery schools, Primary schools, Secondary schools and Tertiary institutions of learning. 

7. As of 1882, the English language which was already well spoken in Nigeria by the elites and educated ones and was used in public offices and government establishments. 

The education ordinance and codes of 1882, 1896, 1918 and 1926 was subsequently enacted for English language to be as the ''Official Language'' in Nigeria .

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8. English language has played a very important role in connecting Nigerians from different tribes and ethnicity,this is ideal because English Language is regarded as the ''world's language'' because it's spoken by millions of people around the world.      

9. English language in Nigeria has also helped to foster economic growth and development.