History Of Tourism In Nigeria: Top 15 Quick Facts You Should Know

Tourism has the potential to help improve Nigeria total GDP
but since the discovery of oil the sector has been totally abandoned by the federal government of Nigeria.

In this article we are going to quickly take a look at the history and quick facts about 

Nigeria's tourism that you should know.

History Of Tourism In Nigeria: Quick Facts You Should Know

1. Nigeria is a country with a hugh potential when it comes to tourism,the country is rich in different cultural heritage and diversity.

2. Tourism in Nigeria is affected by Nigeria's poor infrastructure such as good roads,water and electricity,some of these factors has affected the number of tourists that visit the country on a yearly basis.

3. Insecurity is at an all time high in the country,tourists from countries are advised not to visit the country due to it's security challenges.

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4. Some of the tourist attractions in Nigeria includes rain forests,savannah,waterfalls,wildlife,historical monuments, tropical forests, ancient sites, arts and other natural attractions.

5. Nigeria's tourism industry is managed by the Ministry of Culture, Tourism and National Orientation.

6. Nigeria's tourism industry was responsible for hosting and creating the Miss Tourism Nigeria Pageant in 2004.

7. Due to the yearly success of the Calabar carnival in cross river sate,other states has started hosting their own carnivals such as the Lagos and Port Harcourt carnival.

8. Tourism accounts for less than 6% of the gross domestic product of Nigeria.

9. Nigeria has some beautiful beaches,but most of the public beaches are poorly managed.

10. The country is home to some of United Nations World Heritage Sites.

11. Nigeria became a member of the United Nations World Tourism Organisation (UNWTO) in 1975.

12. The military government in 1988 established the Nigeria Tourism Development Corporation (NTDC),the  Federal Ministry of Culture & Tourism was created in the year 2000.

13. Currently Nigeria has about 8 national parks and some State Governments nature reserves,but most of this park's are poorly funded. One of the popular game reserve in Nigeria is the Bauchi State owned Yankari Game Reserve.

14. Another significant development of tourism in Nigeria was when the former governor of Cross River State Donald Duke revamped the Obudu Cattle Ranch,Tinapa Business Resort and started the Calabar Festival.He made the state a tourist state in Nigeria.

15. Nigeria's tourism industry has been neglected for so many years,the industry has the potential to attract foreign investors and contribute to the nations GDP if the government invest in the sector.