How To Register A Trademark In Nigeria : Cost & Branch Offices 

Ever since the first comprehensive trademark system in the world was passed into law in
1857,companies,firms,individuals and multi national companies around the world has used it to set apart their goods and services from others.
A trademark is basically a word,symbol,labels, numerical,signature etc that are registered legally and hence will only be used by the individual or company that facilitated the registration process.

You must have seen some products with the ''TM'' symbols which is the trademark symbol,the ''TM" is usually used for an unregistered trademark to promote or brand goods,the ''SM'' is for an unregistered service mark while the letter "R" surrounded by a circle is for a registered trademark. 

In this post we will show you how you can easily register your trademark in Nigeria and also some other details such as the cost of trademark in Nigeria,office address and some other details.

How To Register A Trademark In Nigeria 

In Nigeria just like other countries of the world,you can register a slogan, name, logo, domain name, and even colour as your Trademark with the Commercial Law Department in the Ministry of Trade and Investment in Nigeri,which is in accordance to the trademark act of 1990. 

Q: Register A Trademark In Nigeria,Quick Steps?

  • (a) You will be required to provide personal details of the applicant such as: name,physical address and nationality.
  • (b) Provide Information about the product that is about to be trademarked such as a representation of the trade mark. A soft copy of the trademark in a Jpeg format at a minimum of 1200 dpi will be ideal. 
  • (c) A Power of Attorney signed with full particulars such as of names, addresses and nationality of the applicant and capacity of the signatory when applicant is a company.
  • (d) You can apply for the services of a local Attorney or Agent in Nigeria, who will file and facilitate the applications process at the Nigerian Registry of Trade Marks,Patents, Designs and Copyright. A Power of Attorney of Agent Form would be completed,for the agent to act as the applicant.
  • (g) After filing the application for trade mark registration,the Registrar issues an official acknowledgment reflecting the official number and filing date of the application.
  • (h) A search will be conducted so as to confirm if that the proposed tradename is different from existing or pending registration. 
  • (i) After the search,if the registrar finds the trademark acceptable for registration,the applicant will be furnished with a letter of acceptance.
  • (j) The proposed tradename will then be advertised in the Nigerian trade mark journal for two months for opposition,this period the tradename will be open to opposition.
  • (k) If after the two months has expired without any opposition,the applicant will be issued a certificate of registration with the date of initial filing of registration. 
  • (l) Your Nigerian trade mark is valid for 7 years, after which it's indefinitely renewable for periods of fourteen 14 years. An application for renewal should be made not less than 3 months from the expire date.
  • (j) If your trademark is in color,the protection afforded is limited to that color only,if it's plain i.e black and white,the registration will offer protection to all colors of presentation of the trademark.

Q: How Much Does It Cost To Register A Trademark In Nigeria?

The estimated cost of registering a trademark in Nigeria is about $160 (N57,000) while to maintain the trademark is about $100 - $110 yearly ( N30,000 - N40,000). 

Q: Contact Details Of The Ministry Of Trade and Investment Nigeria? 

Commercial Law Department,Trademarks,Patents & Designs
  • Ministry Of Trade and Investment
  • No 5 Ndola crescent, zone 5 Wuse Abuja
  • Phone: 
  • +2348092194426
  • +2348092194404
  • +2348092194416
  • Email:
  • Website