How To Use NOUN Student Portal Online: School Fees Payment,Register Courses & Check Result

The National Open University of Nigeria popularly called
NOUN is an open and distance learning institution in Nigeria.

The school was founded in July 1983 by Shehu Usman Shagari. The aim of the school is to help working class people achieve a quality education while working.

This post will show you how to register and use NOUN student portal and also how you can pay your school fees,register courses and check your examination result
As a long distance learning institution the university has a very efficient online portal for it's students and staff. 
The aim of this online portal is to enable students and staff of The National Open University of Nigeria (NOUN) to be able to have access to first class online services and educational materials.

All the student or staff need to do is to log into the portal with a user name and password via any internet enabled smartphone or laptop.

When a student log on to the portal he or she can be able to check examination results,eCourseware,post graduate transcript application,tuition fee verification,also prospective students can also apply for admission and register via the NOUN student portal.

How To Use NOUN Student Portal:

Q: How To Register On NOUN Student Portal?

  • (a) Obtaining your Matric number,pay your registration fees at the designated bank authorized by the school,after that make sure that your furnished with your registration transaction ID.
  • --
  • (b) Log on NOUN's official website,ask the school admin to furnish you with the schools latest website.
  • (c) On the Home page of the portal, Click on "Student Login" on the Menu Bar.
  • (d) Click on "Register",input the necessary required details in the fields provided.
  • (e) Click on "Submit",after loading the page will display a message which reads ''You have successfully created an account''.

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Q: How To Pay Your NOUN School Fees Via NOUN Student Portal?
  • (a) Access the official website via any internet enabled device,preferable a laptop.
  • (b) Click on ''Login'' on the Menu bar,enter the password and your Matric number that you previously registered.
  • (c) After logging in,locate "Manage Wallet",then click on ''Load Wallet''.
  • (d) Carefully enter the details and the amount of school fees that your required to pay.
  • (e) Click on "Pay"
  • (f) Automatically you will be assigned a Remita Retrieval Reference (RRR) number,carefully copy it down or print the page for reference.
  • (g) Proceed to the designated bank and make payment.
  • (i) After paying your school fees access the student portal once again and type in your logging details
  • (j) Click on ''Manage Wallet'',then click on "Check Payment Status".
  • (k) Enter your Matric Number and the RRR number you used to pay at the bank.
  • (l) Click on "Check Wallet Payment".
  • (m) Afterwards you will be notified if the payment has reflected or not,if it hasn't then you can check back again in 24 hours.

Q: Registration On NOUN’S Student Portal After Payment Of School Fees?

Access the student portal and login,then click on ''registration''.
Once your Payment is confirmed, proceed to do your online registration,select the semester you wish to register for and type in the necessary details,then click on ''submit''.

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Q: How To Register For Courses Via Students Portal?
  • (a) Access the students portal via an internet enabled device,login to the Students Portal. Click on ''Course Registration'',another page will load,select the courses you want to Register by ticking them,afterwards click on ''Add Courses''.
  • (b) Then click on ''Continue'' after selecting all your courses,make sure you carefully select all your courses.
You will be notified if the course registration process was successful.

Q: How To Check Your NOUN Examination Results Via The Student Portal?

  • (a) Access the students portal via an internet enabled device,login to the Students Portal,on the login page click on ''Courses'',then select ''My Results'' from the drop down options.
  • (b) Another page will load which will display all your results from the first semester of your admission to your current semester.Simply click on any semester to view your uploaded result.