Nigerian Bridal Makeup Steps + How To Tie Gele

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Makeup is an indispensable part of wedding ceremonies in Nigeria.
It only natural that the bride would want to look her best on her wedding day. 

In this article we shall take a look at how you can easily apply a typical Nigerian bridal makeup,you don’t necessarily need a professional make up artist to give yourself a proper face beat as we have simplified the process into easy steps. 

Also follow the steps on how to quickly tie your wedding gele in Nigeria. 

Nigerian Bridal Makeup Steps + How To Tie Gele 

Nigerian Bridal Makeup Steps:

The key to a perfect bridal makeup is to avoid applying too much makeup on your face,this way you will still be looking natural and beautiful,now let's get started:-

Step 1:- 
Wash away any old makeup that you have on your face,it's not even advisable to keep wearing makeup for long hours or sleeping with make up,doing this may result to blemishes and wrinkles on your face.
Step 2:- 
Use a detergent or soap to wash/scrub your face the second time,this will help to remove all bacteria and dead skin cells in your pores. 

Step 3:- 
Apply any good facial moisturizer,you wouldn't want too be working on a dry skin.

Step 4:- 
Outline the edges of your eyebrows,then fill in the center with a bit of color,use the short strokes technique by going in the same direction of your hair growth.

Step 5:- 
Using your foundation brush, apply your foundation,there are different kinds of foundation,they come in Liquid, cream and powder,ensure that your foundation is the same color as your natural skin tone. 

Step 6:- 
Apply your concealer to even out uneven skin tone, blemishes or dark under eye circles,make sure that you blend the edges of your concealer properly.

Step 7 :- 
Apply your eyeshadow Primer to help your eye shadow to stay on for much longer.

Step 8 :- 
Apply your eye shadow using a single colour over the eye lid,starting from the center near your lash line and blending outwards,make sure that your fade your eye shadow into your natural skin tone. You can also use multiple colors of eye shadow as you blend the colors together.

Step 9:- 
Apply your eyeliner.

Step 10:- 
Apply false lashes before gluing the lashes on, then apply mascara to your lashes in other to blend your natural lashes with the false ones in other to achieve a natural look. 

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Step 11:- 
You must have finished applying your foundation,go ahead and apply a highlighter,use a cream or powder highlighter,this will make your face look brighter. 

Step 12:-
Contour your cheekbones and on the sides of your nose,the main aim of contouring is to make your face to look thinner and longer in appearance with the use of a powder that is a few shades darker than your actual natural skin tone.  

Step 13:- 
Apply a little blush to your cheeks,make sure that you don't apply it too heavily.

Step 14:- 

Apply primer,lip balmer or sealer.


Step 15:- 
Apply lip liner,make sure that you line your lips with a liner that matches your lip colour.Line around the natural line of your lips,apply a gloss or lipstick later.

Ta dda!! Your set and ready to go,as you can see making your self up for that big day isn't rocket science,it's actually easy.

Now let's take a good look at how you can tie your own Nigerian wedding gele. A lot of women complain about how difficult it is to tie a classy Nigerian gele,but according to professionals,tieing a gele is actually as easy as knotting a tie as long as you get the hang of it. 

How To Easily Tie Nigerian Wedding Gele 

Step 1:- 
Get your gele,fold into two halves,go ahead and grab both ends of the longest part of the gele.

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Step 2:- 
Hold it at equal length from the front of your head and take it to the back,you either make the left or right across to the front of your head then to the back of your head,repeat the procedure for the other end,afterwards you should now have the two ends behind your head.

Step 3:- 
Tie the two ends together and make sure the wrap is firm,adjust your gele tilll it fits your head.

It's as simple as it sounds,this is the way that you can easily tie your Nigerian gele and also have that classy natural Nigerian wedding make up.