Nigerian National Anthem: Quick Facts You Need To Know

This post contains all the quick information about the
Nigerian National Anthem that you need to know.  

A national anthem is basically a patriotic musical composition that is usually a national song (government recognized). 

Citizens of countries of the world usually sings its national anthem during special occasions.
Most countries of the world have their own national anthem and Nigeria is not an exception. 

According to history,national anthems started during the 19th century. The oldest national anthem in the world is that of the Netherlands which is called the "Wilhelmus".

The "Wilhelmus" was written between 1568 and 1572 during the Dutch Revolt,while the national anthem of Japan called the "Kimigayo" has the oldest lyrics in the world. The lyrics of the "Kimigayo" were taken from the Heian period in 794–1185 and was officially converted into music in 1880.

Now check out some of the quick facts about the national anthem of Nigeria.

Nigerian National Anthem: Quick Facts You Need To Know

  • 1. Arise, O Compatriots" is the national anthem of Nigeria.
  • 2. The lyrics of anthem was written by John A. Ilechukwu, Eme Etim Akpan, B. A. Ogunnaike, Sota Omoigui and P. O. Aderibigbe under the directorship of B. E. Odiasse of the Nigerian Police Band.
  • 3. The current Nigerian national anthem was adopted in 1978.
  • 4. The previous Nigerian national anthem was called  "Nigeria, We Hail Thee" which was used after independence in 1960 until 1978. The lyrics of the song was written by Lillian Jean Williams while the music was composed by Frances Berda.Lillian Jean Williams was a british expatriate that lived in Nigeria when it achieved independence.
  • 5"Nigeria, We Hail Thee" was criticized by the Yoruba organisation called the Egbe Ọmo Oduduwa which started a campaign against the anthem,they suggested that it should be scraped.
  • 6. Nigeria's national anthem was eventually selected after the country organized a national contest. It has two verses, usually the first is only sung on most occasions.

Nigeria We Hail Thee - 1960 > 1978 

  • Nigeria, we hail thee,
  • Our own dear native land
  • Through tribe and tongue may differ
  • In brotherhood we stand,
  • Nigerians all are proud to serve
  • Our sovereign motherland;
  • Our flag shall be a symbol
  • That truth and justice reign,
  • In peace or battle honour’d,
  • And this we count as gain,
  • To hand on to our children
  • A banner without stain.
  • O God of all creation
  • Grant this our one request
  • Help us to build a nation
  • Where no man is oppressed
  • And so with peace and plenty
  • Nigeria may be blessed.

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Arise, O Compatriots 1978 > Present
  • Arise, O compatriots
  • Nigeria’s call obey
  • To serve our fatherland
  • With love and strength and faith
  • The labour of our heroes past
  • Shall never be in vain
  • To serve with heart and might
  • One nation bound in freedom
  • Peace and unity
  • Oh God of creation
  • Direct our noble cause
  • Guide our leaders right
  • Help our youth the truth to know
  • In love and honesty to grow
  • And living just and true
  • Great lofty heights attain
  • To build a nation where peace
  • And justice shall reign.